Cover Letter for July 2014 FFI

Cover Letter for July FFI

Date: 07/02/2014

Issue No. 312 - Cover Letter

Tabernacles Conference 2014

DoubleTree Hotel – Minneapolis, MN
1500 Park Place Blvd.
October 9-12, 2014

We will be holding a four-day conference this year, instead of the usual three-day week end. The Conference will begin at 9:30 a.m. Thursday, October 9, 2014. If you are from out of town, you may want to start your hotel reservation the night of Wednesday, October 8. We have 30 rooms blocked off for that Wednesday night, and 40 rooms for the rest of the week end through Sunday night.

Shuttle Service: The hotel has shuttle service but only for a five-mile radius. Unfortunately, the airport is more than five miles away. You may take the train from the airport to the downtown area, where the hotel shuttle can meet you; or just take a taxi to the hotel.

Speakers: I have not yet lined up all of the speakers, but most of them will be the usual conference speakers. I plan to have one or two new speakers who also have good things to share.

Reservations: Our negotiated rate is $109/night for the hotel rooms. You may choose either a king-size bed or two doubles. You may call them at: 952-542-8600 or book online at:

We have put the above reservation link at the top of our own website’s home page at:

So you may want to plan on staying at the hotel Wednesday night, because the meeting room will be opened at 9 a.m. Thursday for the start of the conference.

On Saturday, October 11, we will meet only until 3 pm, as the hotel had already scheduled a wedding for that evening. This will give you time to fellowship or perhaps we may schedule a group activity at that time.

The conference will end early afternoon on Sunday, October 12. This will give some of you time to travel home. For those who stay the rest of the evening, of course, there will be more time for fellowship.

The hotel will create our own web site link so that you can make reservations online at the negotiated price of $109/night. (Other groups, smaller than ours, got a rate of $129/night.) It is a little expensive, but it is also a very nice hotel in a good location with shops and restaurants nearby.

How to make reservations for the Tabernacles Conference

We have received a personalized web site for you to make reservations for the Tabernacles conference in October.

The site allows you to make up to 5 reservations at a time, but it is not likely that any of you will need that many separate room reservations.

We have put the reservation link at the top of our own website’s home page at: It is quite self-explanatory.

Please ignore anything having to do with "logging in" on the website. The sign in boxes are for our admin, and not for room booking purposes. The image below is simply to help you find the button that you need to click to book your room. You will find that button on the page you are taken to when you click the link below.

Our Group Code is “GKM”. It is already filled out in the box on the web page where you are making reservations.

If you do not have a computer and want to make reservations directly with the hotel, call them at: 952-542-8600 and be sure to give them our Group Code: GKM.

New Zealand and Australia Trip

Darla and I will be gone most of July. We are flying to New Zealand on July 1 for meetings in Auckland. Then on July 10 we will fly to Brisbane, Australia for more meetings there and in nearby towns. We are scheduled to return July 24.