Cover Letter for October 2013 FFI

Cover Letter for October 2013 FFI

Date: 10/03/2013

Issue No. 303 - Cover Letter

God’s Kingdom Ministries
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October 2013

Dear Friends,

This bulletin is arriving a little late, due to the Tabernacles conference in late September. I was unable to write the FFI until I returned home. I apologize for that.

I am planning to make another mission trip to the Philippines in November, so I will have to finish the November FFI on time by late October.

In our September FFI, I wrote about the “End the Famine” prayer campaign, which extended from August 6 to September 14, 2013. On the evening of September 4 (feast of Trumpets), I drove to Mahkato, MN, and joined with the intercessors there to blow the shofar and to help with some decrees, as some of the brethren were led to make.

Then on September 14 we met again, but held the meeting at Reconciliation Park a few blocks down the street from the church. My reports on these meetings, along with pictures, are posted as weblogs on my website at:

The main focus of this work was to intercede for mercy on behalf of the US government, which had broken more than 400 treaties with the Native Americans in the past two centuries. The biblical precedent for this intercessory work is found in 2 Samuel 21, where we read how there was a three-year famine in the days of King David. God said it was on account of Saul’s persecution of the Gibeonites, who had made a peace treaty with Joshua a few centuries earlier. Though the problem was caused by Saul, David had to deal with it many years later.

In the same manner, God raised up intercessors to deal with the same problem that our own government caused in the past two centuries.

Toward the end of the prayer campaign, the Lord showed me that the US government was on the verge of breaking yet another treaty—this time with Syria. It is the treaty between Jacob and Laban the Syrian in Genesis 31:44-53. Most people are unaware of this treaty and how it applies today, because they still identify Jacob with the Jews and/or the Israeli state. However, the Israeli state today represents Esau, not Jacob. I explained this fully in my book, The Struggle for the Birthright.

The descendants of Jacob (after the flesh) are the Western nations, including the USA. But President Obama was threatening to invade Syria in late August, blaming the Syrian government for the sarin gas attack that had actually been perpetrated by the US-backed rebel forces. If the American people had not risen up in unity against this planned attack, there is little doubt that we would now be fully in a state of war against Syria.

I believe that our prayer campaign against broken treaties is the spiritual reason why this attack was cancelled. In other words, our entire country benefited from this prayer campaign and literally stopped a needless war. In fact, I believe it prevented WW3.

The US plan to destabilize the entire Middle East was exposed by General Wesley Clark, who learned about this insidious plan while visiting the Pentagon in September and October of 2001 in the aftermath of the Twin Towers demolition. General Clark began to give speeches about this in 2005, and these can be found easily on the internet by using any search engine. The plan was to overthrow the very dictators which the US had previously put into place by supporting military coups in past decades. The plan was to replace dictatorships with “democracies” led by the Muslim Brotherhood, while at the same time bringing instability to those nations.

This instability had two goals in mind. It was sold to the Israelis on the grounds that it would make those “enemy” states unable to carry out a war with the Israelis. But the more insidious goal was the precise opposite. This change of government was designed to radicalize those Middle East countries in order to cause a war with the Israeli state and to fulfill the Pike Plan for World War 3, in which the Israeli state and the Arab states would all be destroyed by nuclear war.

The Pike Plan, formulated more than a century ago, called for three world wars, culminating with the destruction of the Israeli state in order to cause disillusionment among Jews, Muslims, and Christians alike. The seeming failure of Bible prophecy, they thought, would bring about a religious vacuum and cause the people to become Luciferians—the religion of Albert Pike.

That plan is now failing at the most critical point, at the time of our prayer campaign. Coincidence? I do not think so. The failure of the US government to convince the American people to demand war with Syria was a monumental failure to Luciferian plans for World War 3. Furthermore, after the planned Syrian invasion began to unravel, Obama then began to negotiate peace with Iran! On September 27, Obama talked with Iranian president Rouhani, as reported in the press, the first such contact since 1979.

Israeli prime minister Netanyahu gnashed his teeth and raced to the White House to express his displeasure, but to no avail. He then gave the most insulting speech possible at the United Nations, calling Rouhani “a wolf in sheep’s clothing” and a “Nazi.” But in spite of this, Obama’s negotiations have continued, and Secretary of State John Kerry even said that to stop the negotiations would be “diplomatic malpractice.”

It is apparent that the Israelis will have to fight their own wars for a change. I believe that the Israelis will indeed start a war, perhaps soon, because at some point Jerusalem will be destroyed, as prophesied in Jeremiah 19:11. Jerusalem will be uninhabitable by anyone at some point, as Isaiah 29:1-6 prophesies, for God Himself will fight against “Ariel” (poetic name for Jerusalem).

I believe that this will fulfill the word of God in Genesis 21:10, saying, “Cast out the bondwoman [Hagar-Jerusalem] and her son [Jews/Judaism], for the son of the bondwoman shall not be heir with the son of the freewoman [Sarah-New Jerusalem].” Paul quotes this in Galatians 4:30 and interprets it for us in the previous verses.

So the children of “Hagar” are about to be cast out in order that the true inheritors of the promise may be established as the heirs of the Kingdom. I do not know how long this will take, but these recent events have moved us closer to the fulfillment of that promise.

Stephen & Darla