08/01/2012 - Separating Land and Sea

Separating Land and Sea

Date: 08/01/2012

Issue No. 289

On Saturday, July 14, Chad, Brad, and I were led to go to the downtown area of St. Paul, Minnesota to issue some decrees from the Divine Court. We did not know the full significance of this until afterward, when God began to reveal what we had done and why He had led us in this manner. But before I explain the significance of this, let me walk through the steps that we took on that day.

We met at a coffee shop about 9:30 a.m. to plan our day and to share what revelation we had received up to that point. Then we drove to our first location:

First Stop: St. Paul City Hall and Court House

bradnchadatcityhall.jpgThere we decreed that the Law of God was the law of the land. We decreed a separation between the law of the land and the law of the sea, so that the law of the sea would not have dominion over the law of the land.

I know that if we had walked into the Court House, we would have seen a gold-fringed flag, signifying that this Court House was under the law of the sea. Such flags fly in virtually every Court House in the nation, because the law of the sea has replaced Constitutional law as the law of the land. Our decree was spoken on behalf of the Divine Court as a witness that land and sea should remain separate, as God had covenanted with Noah and the whole earth. The rainbow was God's signature on this promise (Gen. 9:15).

After the decree was spoken, we noticed the headlines on the news stand on the sidewalk in front of the Court House: “You can come home now...I killed the kids.” This referred to a murder that occurred the previous Tuesday, July 10, 2012, and the fact that the childrens' father had been formally charged with the crime on Thursday, July 12. Apparently, he and his ex-wife had been divorced, and he had returned to River Falls, Wisconsin, asking to see his three children.

headline.jpgHis ex-wife agreed to this, so he went to the house, dismissed the babysitter, and then cut their throats. He then called his ex-wife and was quoted as telling her, “You can come home now...I killed the kids.”

The father's name is Aaron Schaffenhausen. His name is derived from a village in Switzerland which means “sheep houses.” The city is near the site of Europe's largest waterfall. Aaron Schaffenhausen killed his “kids” at River Falls. Since this murder occurred on July 10, it correlates prophetically with the Day of Atonement (7/10 on the Hebrew calendar), when Aaron the high priest cut the throat of a goat (“kid”) to cover the sin of the people. See Lev. 16:15.

What Aaron Schaffenhausen did was a carnal counterfeit of the ceremony of the Day of Atonement, for we know that God did not establish human sacrifice as a way to atone for sin. God's system under the Old Covenant was to substitute an animal, which prophesied of Jesus Christ, who was the true Sacrifice for sin. All other substitutes are counterfeits conjured up by the twisted minds of men.

We saw this counterfeit in the light of the other counterfeits being perpetrated in the earth. The law of the sea (commercial law) has been given jurisdiction over the law of the land and is therefore a counterfeit that has usurped authority it should not have. It is a “tradition of men” that has nullified the law of God. The headline that we saw to the left bears witness to the destructive nature of man's traditions that usurp the laws of God.

Second Stop: First National Bank

firstnationalbank.jpgWe went next to the First National Bank. (The first bank in America was formed in 1781 as First National Bank.) At this location, Chad read the entire chapter of Leviticus 25, because that is the great chapter dealing with the sabbath years, the law of Jubilee, and the laws of redemption. It also outlaws usury (25:36, 37), which is the foundation of the banking system today. In reading this chapter, we established the true law of the land and rendered the commercial law of the sea null and void, so that it would have no jurisdiction over the land.

I then looked across the street and noticed that this decree was being witnessed by repre-sentatives from eight different cultures. Two of the men are pictured below the main picture.

We took note of Paul's statement in Romans 8:19-22,

19 For the anxious longing of the creation waits eagerly for cloudofwitness.jpgthe revealing of the sons of God…. 21 the creation itself also will be set free from its slavery to corruption into the freedom of the glory of the children of God. 22 For we know that the whole creation groans and suffers the pains of childbirth together until now.

Third Stop: St. Paul’s Cathedral

From there, we drove to St. Paul's Cathedral, which stands on the highest of the seven hills in St.witness2.jpgwitness1.jpg Paul. Its location was deliberately chosen in order to lay claim to a higher authority than that of the Minnesota State Capital on the next highest hill nearby. St. Paul's Cathedral is a smaller scale model of St. Peter's Basilica in Rome, which also sits on seven mountains (Rev. 17:9).

cathedral.jpgCertainly, God claims sovereignty over all earthly authorities. However, when men establish the “traditions of men” and claim authority to enact their own laws, they merely usurp the place of God and they become counterfeits. This is best understood in terms of King Saul, who was crowned as the result of the people's desire for a king. God saw their hearts and knew that the people had rejected Him from reigning over them (1 Sam. 8:7). Saul's coronation came on the day of “wheat harvest” (1 Sam. 12:17), which was the day that the firstfruits of the wheat were offered to God (Ex. 34:22.) It was the Feast of Weeks, known later by the Greek term, Pentecost.

Saul was thus a type of the Church under Pentecost and served as a model for the Church during the past 2000 years. The Church's authority was legitimate, but like Saul, it has usurped the power of God by instituting its own laws that are contrary to the law of God. (One example is usury, which was sanctified in the Church in 1942 when the Vatican Bank was established.)

The New Testament Saul, however, showed us how Saul, the persecutor of David, can be transformed into St. Paul. But this requires a radical change. Until that change is accomplished and the Church recognizes that it is not called to make new laws but to enforce only God's law, the Church functions as a usurper of God's power. Hence, we were led to St. Paul's Cathedral to cast down supplanters and to re-establish God's sovereignty.

Fourth Stop: Minnesota State Capital

We then drove to the Minnesota State Capital to deal with more counterfeits and usurpers. While there are sincere believers among them, they function under a system of commercial law. Like all legislators in America, they create laws that are expected to be consistent with the Uniform Commercial Code of the law of the sea. Hence, even believers are limited in their authority by higher powers who are ready to strike down any law that may run contrary to the UCC that men have decreed.

Near the top of the dome is a gold sculpture of Apollo, the sun god, as he rides his chariot through the heavens. This passes as “art,” but it was designed to establish the old pagan gods as the spiritual authority over the political system in America. We took issue with this and spoke the verdict from the Divine Court to establish the only true Sovereign in the universe.

The Dead Tree Cut Down

From there we walked across the park in front of the Capital to see the Liberty Bell replica. On the way, we noticed the stump of a tree that had recently been chopped down. Brad suddenly realized that the chopped down tree was connected to his previous visit to that location on May 3, 2012. That was the National Day of Prayer, when some gathered at the State Capital to pray for the nation to repent of its rejection of God.

libertybell.jpgHence, we understand that Babylon is a dead tree, and that the timedeadtreecutdown.jpg of judgment is coming to an end. Brad later sent me the picture that he took of the two trees in front of the Capital (below). The one on the right was full of life, while the one on the left was dead.

In biblical symbolism, the left signifies judgment; the right signifies mercy. The left tree thusdeadtree.jpg signified God's left hand of judgment upon the nation. One can look at this in a number of ways, but it tells us two things. First, God Himself raised up the “tree” of Babylon (Daniel 4:20-22) as divine judgment against us in 1913-14. Hence, that tree flourished for a time—until now, when it came time to bring judgment against Babylon for refusing to let the people go free at the end of their contract (Jer. 50:33).

When Brad saw the dead tree, he spoke the Word of the Lord, wrote it down on paper, and then took a photo of it. He sent this to me also, saying, “Left hand of God has come upon us! Repent!” The National Day of Prayer was the nation's opportunity to recognize divine judgment by raising up Babylon to rule over us for the past 99 years. That judgment is now coming to an end, and we have come to the time of national repentance.

The end of divine judgment must be accompanied by a genuine national repentance in order to be effective. So it is our belief that we will soon see a great outpouring of the Holy Spirit accompanying the fall of Babylon.

At the replica of the Liberty Bell, we spoke the word of Jubilee, reading the inscription on the bell. That inscription is, “Proclaim liberty to all the inhabitants thereof,” taken from Lev. 25:10, which speaks of the law of Jubilee. We then rang the bell.

This replica, by the way, has no crack on it. The original bell in Philadelphia is cracked, prophesying of the lack of liberty in spite of the good intentions of our founders. We thought it was appropriate to ring the “uncracked” bell.

The Word and the Stone

When that was completed, we went to the river to give Babylon written notification of this judgment. Chad was led to tear two pages from his Bible, Jeremiah 50 and 51, put it into a sealed metal cup, and cast it into the river. This is what Jeremiah did in his day (Jer. 51:60-64). We put our signatures on the sheets, along with a date.

Chad threw it into the river before I was able to take a picture. Yet we were three witnesses to establish it in the earth.

What is a Divine Visitation?

The biblical term “visitation” is a technical term that indicates a court investigation to uncover facts and verify the testimony of witnesses. It is not a social call. God visited Sodom and Gomorrah, as Gen. 18:20 & 21 says,

20 And the Lord said, “The outcry of Sodom and Gomorrah is indeed great, and their sin is exceedingly grave. 21 I will go down now, and see if they have done entirely according to its outcry, which has come to Me; and if not, I will know.

The people of those cities appealed to the Divine Court, and this triggered a divine investigation to verify the facts according to the law of God. God already knew what was going on, of course, but He had established His Law in a way that required a divine investigation prior to executing judgment.

In the New Testament, Jesus' ministry was a “visitation” (Luke 19:44) in the final three years of Daniel's Seventy Weeks (490 years), as prophesied in Dan. 9:24. Since 490 is a grace period in which debts are “forgiven” (Matt. 18:21-22), after which time judgment is rendered, God forgave Judah each year on the Day of Atonement for 490 years.

At the end of 490 years, God reckoned the account, as Jesus indicated in Matt. 18:23-25. Judah and the world was found guilty and liable for the full debt of sin. But then Jesus paid that full debt on the cross for the sin of the world (1 John 2:2).

In Luke 19:44, Jesus prophesied judgment upon Jerusalem, saying,

44 and will level you to the ground and your children within you, and they will not leave in you one stone upon another, because you did not recognize the time of your VISITATION.

That time of visitation was the time of Jesus' ministry. It actually began with John's ministry, for he was the first to speak of the tree that was about to be chopped down (Luke 3:9). When John was executed by Herod after just one year of ministry, Jesus then continued the investigation for another three years until His crucifixion. John was executed at Passover of 30 A.D., and Jesus was crucified at Passover of 33.

At the end of Jesus' three-year investigation, we read in Luke 13:7,

7 And he said to the vineyard keeper, 'Behold, for three years I have come looking for fruit on this fig tree without finding any. Cut it down! Why does it even use up the ground'?”

So Jesus' ministry was actually a three-year time of “visitation” to see if the fig tree of Judah would bear fruit that God required. It did not, and so the verdict was spoken, and the tree was cursed in Matt. 21:19, “No longer shall there ever be any fruit from you.”

The “tree” was then chopped down 40 years later from 70-73. This extra grace period had been given to them on account of Ezekiel's intercession in Ez. 4:6.

Peter later admonished the ex-Israelites of the dispersion to be watchful and to be obedient to God, because there was to be another day of visitation in the future. 1 Peter 2:12 says,

12 Keep your behavior excellent among the nations, so that in the thing in which they slander you as evildoers, they may on account of your good deeds, as they observe them, glorify God in the day of your VISITATION.

That day of visitation has now come.

The Visitation of St. Paul

It started on July 9, 2009 and lasted three years, much like the time of visitation in Jesus' day. On this day an unscrupulous judge in Chicago proved that she was not interested in justice, but had pre-determined to rule in favor of Discover Card—even though Discover's own attorney had admitted ON THE RECORD that David had no account with Discover Card.

Nonetheless, the judge refused to read any motions that David made in accordance with the law, and she simply dismissed them all for no reason. The documents that Discover Card had filed were proven to be a case of perjury. Nonetheless, they were determined to gain a judgment against David.

The court was the Circuit Court of the 17th Judicial Circuit, which is the top court in the entire Circuit Court structure in America. The case was held in Room 216. Jericho means “moon,” and the moon has a diameter of 2160 miles. Joshua overthrew Jericho, and Joshua's name appears 216 times in Scripture.

Hence, this court case was a foundational event that would be tied in to Operation Jericho in 2011, which began a countdown toward the divine verdict that would be rendered July 14, 2012 in St. Paul, Minnesota.

David had received a word many years ago that He was being sent to bring down Goliath. Little did he know that he would be led to move to a house near Chicago, where he would fight against Goliath. The name Goliath comes from a Hebrew word galah, which means to uncover, remove, or DISCOVER. This told him that this battle with Discover Card was patterned after David's fight with Goliath. In fact, the judge's last name is Gulley, which is phonetically like the root word of Goliath, galah.

The first appearance in court occurred on April 16, just a few days after our Elisha cycle began (April 12) on the last day of our first conference in Manassas, VA. So all of this was happening in accordance with those events as well. But that is much too detailed to account for here.

The point is that as a result of the court's refusal to do justice on July 9, 2009, David appealed to the Divine Court, triggering a divine Visitation against Babylon's legal and economic system. A year later on July 9, 2010, we were led to go to the headwaters of the Mississippi River to cast barley into the headwaters, according to the pattern of 2 Kings 4:41. This was done by divine direction to deal with the Gulf oil disaster. That oil well was capped 144 hours later on July 15.

On July 9 of 2011 and 2012 we saw innocent people die. I relate this to the spiritual warfare and the miscarriage of justice that brought God's Visitation upon Babylon.

And so, after the Divine Visitation was completed on July 9, 2012, five days later God sent Chad, Brad, and me to St. Paul to symbolic locations to issue His verdict upon the various forms of Mystery Babylon being held liable for refusing to release the people from bondage. We did this work on July 14, 2012. The final verdict was written by Jeremiah himself, and we were led to cast that verdict into the river, as the prophet instructed.

So the work ended. Babylon is now sure to fall. The “tree” is removed. We have no doubt that God is moving even now to set the captives free.