03/01/2012 - The Science of God—Part 3

The Science of God

Part 3

Date: 03/01/2012

Issue No. 284

Romans 11:36 says,

36 out of Him, and through Him, and to Him are all things.

So far we have looked at it from a historical perspective, where “in the beginning” matter was created “out of Him.” History is “through Him.” The Restoration of All Things is where it all goes back “to Him.” But there is another way of viewing this truth.

There is a constant re-creation of matter, energy, and healing power flowing “out of Him” into the physical universe as we know it. And because God created all things out of Himself, all things are made of “God Particles.” Paul says in Eph. 4:10 that God “fills all things.” But if these God particles are constantly going back “to Him,” then there must be something like a complete circuit of energy flowing from the spirit into the world and back into the spiritual realm.

Gravity as a Manifestation of God’s Energy

It appears that this is what is constantly taking place, primarily through the energy flow that we know as GRAVITY. Normally, we think of gravity as the result of some large object such as the earth pulling us down toward itself. But scientists searching for “the Unified Field” are discovering that gravity is the result of energy flowing into the earth, pushing us in the same direction as the flow. Is gravity, then, really just the flow of God Himself as energy and matter flow out of Him, through Him, and then back to Him? Is this how He “fills all things”?

In The Source Field Investigations, pp. 243, 244, David Wilcock writes,

“It appears that gravity is actually caused by a massive current of energy flowing into the earth. The earth is obviously made of atoms, and my friend and colleague, Dr. Nassim Haramein made a strong argument that atoms are gravity-powered. Haramein studied the energy fields and behaviors around a black hole, and found that they looked exactly like the same as what we see around the nucleus of an atom. In Haramein's model, an atom is 'a mini black hole, where protons are attracted to each other by gravitation rather than some mysterious, undefined 'strong force'. Another paper that convincingly argues that atoms are gravity-powered is Central Oscillator and Space-Quanta Medium.”


“Obviously, if atoms are gravity powered, then every object will have the same flow going through it that the earth does—but on a much smaller scale. Objects on the earth's surface would then get caught up in the much greater river of energy that is flowing down into the earth. Gravity may therefore be pushing us down—not unlike mosquitos being blown against a screen window by a gust of wind.” [p. 244]

The flow of energy from God, which we call gravity, is also altered by geometric shapes to create different effects. A pyramid structure, for instance, seems to create a funnel for this energy flow of gravity and creates a vortex or swirling motion. Hence, a French company that makes yogurt obtained a patent for a specially shaped container, because it made their yogurt taste better. When people placed water inside a pyramid-shaped structure, and then drank the water, they found it had remarkable healing properties. The energy from the shape itself seems to alter the molecular structure of water and to give it a divine imprint.

Round barrels are used for Czechoslovakian beer, instead of angled barrels. German researchers found that mice healed faster in spherical cages. Canadian schizophrenics showed sudden improvement when put in a trapezoid-shaped hospital ward. Bees create specially shaped honeycombs which provide energy and homing signals for lost bees.

Zero Point: Where Time and Space are One

The point where this physical universe meets the spiritual is often called the Zero Point. It is the point where matter and energy converge as one. It is also the point where time and space are the same thing.

“Einstein discovered that space and time were completely indivisible—two manifestations of the same underlying energy. This suggests that as the Source Field (gravity) flows into an atom, it drives the flow of time within the atom as well. The speed of time would then be determined by the speed of the motion inside the atom. As the flow inside the atom becomes more coherent, time begins moving faster inside of it as well.” [p. 247]

The relationship between space and time is seen in any study comparing biblical measurements with time measures. The Bible measures space in handbreadths, cubits, and reeds. There are 6 handbreadths to a regular cubit, and 7 cubits to a reed (i.e., 42 handbreadths).

A “cubit of the sanctuary,” or sacred cubit, was an extra handbreadth in length (Ezekiel 43:13). Hence, a reed was either 7 regular cubits (7 x 6 = 42 Handbreadths) or 6 sacred cubits (6 x 7 = 42 Handbreadths). 

This key is important is understanding Rev. 11:1-3, where John was given a “reed” to measure the temple. This reed was obviously 42 Handbreadths in length, and hence, “they will tread under foot the holy city for forty-two months.”

The key is that a reed equals 42 months. In other words, each Handbreadth of space was equal to a month in time. That is the key to biblical measurements of space and time.

A sacred cubit, then, is 7 months of time—the time it took to complete the Mosaic feast days from Passover through Tabernacles. Regular cubits could only take a person to the six-month point. In other words, those locked into the secular belief system will miss the fulfillment of the feast days in the 7th month, which prophesy of the second coming of Christ.

God's revealed measures of space and time not only show that they are connected, but also reveals the true path toward the Feast of Tabernacles and the manifestation of the Sons of God.

Heat and Cold Affects Time

A Russian scientist named Kozyrev discovered that heat would slow the flow of time, while cooling would speed up time.

“. . . the flow of time is actually responsible for building and maintaining physical matter. When matter starts breaking apart—when a piece of ice melts, a liquid evaporates, a substance dissolves in water or a plant dies—it gives off some of the energy stored within it....

“When matter breaks down, the tight little circuits of coherent energy that have been spinning along on the quantum level suddenly burst free. This creates a ripple—a sudden release of energy and movement—in the Source Field. Then, as Kozyrev discovered, time speeds up in that immediate area as all that energy flows out. On the other hand, when the Source Field is spiraling into an area to increase coherence, making matter more organized, time slows down in the surrounding, outside region.” [p. 252]

This is why a superconductor works best in a cool environment. Recall the little disk that was cooled with liquid nitrogen and could be locked in position as it moved around the track.


The Whirlwind of Elijah

This flow of time does not move in a straight line, but rotates in a spinning motion (creating “time cycles”). When a vortex or whirlpool is created, it can affect both time and space. In fact, the secret of levitation and time travel is in creating a vortex, which imitates God's own movement.

It is therefore interesting that when Elijah ascended in 2 Kings 2:11, it says, “Elijah went up by a whirlwind to heaven.” Why did Elisha see a whirlwind? The prophet was obviously being caught up in an event that was transcending time and space. God used a vortex to accomplish this.

Earthly and Heavenly Robes

After Jesus was raised from the dead, He had the ability to enter the realm of the physical and the spiritual at any time. Up to then, He did so only occasionally as the situation required. Luke 24:31 says,

31 And their eyes were opened, and they recognized Him; and He vanished from their sight.

This is one of the abilities given to those who experience the Feast of Tabernacles. It is the ability to function in both realms. Ezekiel 44:17-19 speaks of it in terms of changing clothes.

17 And it shall be that when they enter at the gates of the inner court, they shall be clothed with linen garments; and wool shall not be on them while they are ministering in the gates of the inner court and in the house … 18 they shall not gird themselves with anything which makes them sweat. 19 And when they go out into the outer court, they shall put off their garments in which they have been ministering and lay them in the holy chambers; then they shall put on other garments that they may not transmit holiness to the people with their garments.

Thus, the woolen clothing is limited to the “outer court” (physical realm), while the linen garments are reserved for the “inner court” when ministering to God Himself (in the spiritual realm). This was the spiritual principle behind the Mosaic law that required priests to have two sets of clothing. Linen represented spiritual bodies in which men ministered in the spiritual realm; wool represented flesh bodies which would sweat.

Paul commented on this concept in 2 Cor. 5:1-4, speaking of the two bodies (spiritual and physical) in terms of two “tabernacles” (i.e., tents). He also speaks of these as two types of clothing to correlate it to the priestly robes.

He says that in this present earthly body, we are clothed by this “earthly tent.” Yet we also have another tent, “a house not made with hand, eternal in the heavens.” This latter clothing, he says, is what we desire, “in order that what is mortal may be swallowed up by life.”

The earthly “tent” is our mortal body; the heavenly “tent” is an immortal body that is reserved for us when the time comes to change clothing. By comparing Paul’s comments with the prophecy of Ezekiel, we understand that the overcomers (“sons of Zadok”) will have the ability that Jesus Himself had after His resurrection. He could come and go between heaven and earth at will. All He had to do was to change clothes—that is, change from one body to the other.

This is most evident in Luke 24 on the day of His resurrection. He took a walk with two men on the 7-mile road from Jerusalem to Emmaus. They did not recognize Him, but appeared as a knowledgeable stranger to them. When they arrived at their destination, they urged him to spend the night with them.

30 And it came about that when He had reclined at the table with them, He took the bread and blessed it, and breaking it, He began giving it to them. 31 And their eyes were opened, and they recognized Him; and He vanished from their sight.

They got so excited that they immediately returned to Jerusalem, walking another 7 miles that evening, to attend a meeting of the disciples and tell them the good news.

36 And while they were telling these things, He Himself stood in their midst. 37 But they were startled and frightened and thought that they were seeing a spirit.

Jesus then ate with them to prove that He was not really a spirit, but was truly “flesh and bones” (vs. 39). Why was this important to Him? Because it was unlawful for Him to minister in the outer-court realm in spiritual clothing. Lest no one accuse Him of violating the law, He proved to them that He had truly changed into woolen clothing, having a body of flesh.

Putting it in Scientific Terms

The Bible tells us about the change of clothing from mortal to immortal, flesh and spirit, but does not tell us the mechanism by which this is accomplished. Scientific study is the attempt to discover this mechanism, as well as all other aspects of God's creation.

David Wilcock writes about how particles of matter can change into waves in his book, The Source Field Investigations.

“Every quantum physicist knows you can look at a subatomic particle and measure it as if it were perfectly solid and stable—but then when you use other measuring techniques, the particle turns into a wave—and it becomes nonlocal. This seems to defy our intuition completely, and has led to the so-called Uncertainty Principle....

Since Einstein proved that space and time are interconnected, particles are not merely spreading out in space when they turn into waves—they are also nonlocal in time. That means some of the particle now appears in the past, some of it is still there in the present, and some of it has moved into the future.... [p. 265]

“This means everything in the quantum realm pops in and out of existence all the time. [p. 266]

Wilcock is speaking of appearances. He means that things move from one realm of existence to another—not that they exist one moment and not the next moment. In other words, they can exist in the physical realm one moment and then move into the spiritual realm and back again. This is essentially what Jesus was doing after His resurrection, and it is what we ourselves anticipate through the Feast of Tabernacles.

“If this idea of entire atoms dematerializing isn't strange enough, the mystery got even greater in 1999, thanks to Dr. Olaf Nairz and his colleagues. Nairz and his crew were able to transform a soccer-ball-shaped cluster of 60 carbon molecules--known as a fullerene or buckyball—directly into a wave. (This hollow, geometric sphere of carbon atoms was first devised by Buckminster Fuller, so it was named after him.) Bear in mind that buckyballs are solid objects. Each buckyball has a mass of 720 atomic units, built from 60 different carbon atoms that are tightly bound together. And yet, by simply bumping the buckyball against a wall with a series of tiny slits in it, Nairz was able to transform it into a wave—and it popped through more than one slit at the same time.” [p. 266]

In other words, this piece of solid matter could pass through a wall with slits in it. It would turn into a wave and flow through the wall like water leaking through the slits. This experiment was published in the Nature journal,


“Then in 2001, this same group discovered they did not need to slam the buckyballs against a wall—all they needed was laser light, which is coherent light, to transform these solid objects into waves. This was published in Physics Review Letters, a respected science journal.” [p. 266]


If they had observed the Shroud of Turin, they might have discovered this earlier. When Jesus was raised from the dead, it apparently occurred with a sudden burst of coherent light that was strong enough to burn His image into the Shroud. No one needed to throw Him against the wall to come back from spirit into the material world.

“Einstein's dream was that ultimately everything would be made from the unified field—meaning there are no protons, no neutrons, no electrons—just rotations of the Field itself. The problem, of course, is that these weird time-bending properties of quantum mechanics don't seem to allow us to build a working model like that. However, according to Discover, we may be able to solve all these problems by changing how we think about time.

“A sizable minority of physicists, Rovelli included, believe that any successful merger of the two great masterpieces of twentieth-century physics will inevitably describe a universe in which, ultimately, there is no time . . . . [Even better] all the laws—whether Newton's, Einstein's, or the quirky quantum rules—would work equally well if time ran backward.” [p. 267]


I believe they are attempting to find the unified field between matter and spirit. Up to now, these seem to contradict each other or, at least, are not compatible. In my view, the key is to know God, the Creator. It is HIS plan, set forth in the Feast of Tabernacles, to transform us into the Image of Christ. It is HIS plan to give us two sets of “garments” by which we may “exist” in both realms.

I believe that the laws of the spirit are the same as the laws on earth, but they are applied and utilized in a different manner. The law is indeed uniform throughout Scripture beginning with Moses. All morality is based upon these laws, and they are the laws of creation and the revelation of the divine plan.

The purpose of God, it seems, is not to make the physical and the spiritual realms the same, but to unify them under the rule of Christ. The Melchizedek priests of Ezekiel 44—that is, the “sons of Zadok”—can become particles or waves, depending on which realm they wish to be in at any given moment.

I do not know if this physical realm will ever be free of time restrictions, but as we come into the full experience of Tabernacles, we ourselves will become the Unified Field. We will be the point of contact between two realms, being able to minister to those not yet transformed here on earth, while yet ourselves not being constrained by the limits of time and space.

If these spiritual laws, discovered by quantum physics, “work equally well if time ran backward,” then those who enter this realm of Christ would be able to go back in time and observe any historical event in the past. Since God created time (and the ages), He stands above it. When we are in Christ, we too would stand above time and would be able to manipulate it according to the will of God, even as Joshua caused the sun to stand still for a day (Joshua 10:13).

The laws of time do not change, but there are higher laws, equally valid, that allow God to manipulate time and even to overrule its dominion. As the alpha and the omega, He can appear to Adam and to you, seemingly, at the same time. He can also reverse time, as shown by the Hezekiah Factor. By this principle, He is even Lord of the Sabbath and can therefore do works of healing and restoration on that day. Time is God's servant and must conform to His overall purpose in order to function correctly.

These are things we ought to know and understand.