Severe Server Issues

September 22, 2012

Severe Server Issues

September 22, 2012 at 1:23 PM

ServerSwitchWiresReduced.jpgWe have been experiencing severe server issues. The hosting company we are currently with has never experienced this issue before and they have been calling in all the help they can get to take care of it. They are a top rated Hosting company with many years of solid service to their customers under their belt which is one of the reasons we made the decision to go with them as our host. In our many conversations with them they have made it clear that this particular issue has never occurred before and that they are working diligently around the clock to track it down and fix it so their customers are happy with them once again. Smile

This all started with the main power outage that occurred for them back a few weeks ago which is when we first posted the server issue problem. They have assured us that this problem is affecting all of their VPS servers so it is not just our server or site that is affected.

For those who may be wondering why we moved to a new host when the previous host for the old site was so reliable, the answer is that their infrastructure was such that it was not a good environment for the CMS platform that we built the new site upon. The requirement was more robust than what was needed for the previous site and so we had to make a move.

What we are doing on our end now is working to create an active mirror on a different host that works with Media Temple Cloud servers so that we will never have this type of issue again. We are working to build our own redundancy so that we are not ever dependent on the hosting companies redundancy again.

We were certainly hoping for a much less rocky transition when making this very big move but it is what it is. We know our Father has this under control and we trust Him in all this for a good outcome. Please pray for us as we work to make this the best experience we can for all of you and the best tool for the expression of God's Kingdom Ministries.NetworkReduced.jpg