Regarding blog comments

September 04, 2012

Regarding blog comments

September 04, 2012 at 3:03 PM

We've been getting lots of questions about whether we're going to allow comments on the site. There has been much discussion about this, and we are entertaining the idea of doing so.

The biggest concern that we have is the potential burden this may cause with regard to administering that process. We are fully aware of the many pros as well as the potential cons, and are simply weighing those out right now. We certainly want to be able to provide the vehicle for healthy conversation, but whatever we do simply can not add any further work load to Dr. Jones, so we continue to examine and weight it out. The good news is: we will probably end up with that and more, we just need to make sure that what we put in place will do no harm.

Please be patient, we will keep you updated.