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The dogs licked Lazarus' sores

Sep 30, 2014

In relation to Luke 16:21, which says that the dogs licked the sores of Lazarus, I received this response from a reader:


 On the physical matter of dogs cleansing sores, land and stockman I knew use to encourage their working dogs to lick more severe infected sores inflicted in the course of labour on properties. I had also partaken of this practice, in particular when a wound was infected and appeared to regress and took time to begin to heal. The dog's licking would clean the wound of pustule matter and the saliva would act as a disinfectant and cause a surprisingly rapid healing. The dog would exercise tender care to avoid any possible pain, simply by instinct.

 Recently [my son] brought his half grown pup to our house and I was reminded of this as I had an infection on my leg which immediately attracted the pup to focus on it and commence licking.

 Just wanted to assure you of the authenticity of the physical of what is written from personal experience as not too many would encounter this practice. 

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