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Pedowood calls off The Hunt

Aug 13, 2019


The uproar caused by the Hollywood movie, where “elites” hunt “the deplorables,” has forced them to cancel the movie. It had been scheduled to be released in September. Perhaps next time they will be more careful not to use Hillary’s term “deplorables” in such a blatant manner.

Keep in mind that the depraved minds of modern Babylonians reject biblical morals and any form of Kingdom law or government. They do not feel constrained nor do they think they are accountable to God in any way. Violence is wrong only if others do it to them. They demand freedom of speech for themselves but deny it for their opponents. They are a miserable lot but are slaves to sin and don’t know how to find true peace and happiness in Christ.

Continue to pray for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit, because this is the only real hope for the world. Keep in mind that God knew all about this from the beginning. He knew how Adam’s sin would grow until it filled the earth with madness. When He transferred the Dominion Mandate to the King of Babylon, which was then passed down to Persia, Greece, Rome, the Little Horn, and finally, modern Mystery Babylon, He knew that the darkness would increase.

God planned for the solution to be brought to the earth after their Mandate expired in 2017. We are privileged to live in this time as the Kingdom begins to emerge and unfold. But meanwhile, the old beast systems have to expose themselves for what they are, and they have to be overthrown.

This takes time. We are not yet two years into it (since October 2017). Yet the darkness is being exposed for what it is, in order to prepare our hearts for the greatest move of the Spirit since the dawn of history.

Be encouraged!

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Blog Author: Dr. Stephen Jones