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A Feminist's plan for saving the world

Aug 12, 2019


Somebody must've not been paying attention in biology class.

A rant from feminist YouTube star named Jenny McDermott has gone viral on Twitter over the past few days. In it, McDermott tells her audience that, to create the ideal conditions for the survival of the human race, we must kill all men and male babies.

"We need to kill all men. I am sick of being a baby factory that produces more men who will in the future subjugate me. The solution to that is to kill any man that you see in the streets just any swinging dick. We want the species to go on but we only want it to go on with women in it."

Comment: I don’t know if just flunked Biology 101, or if she has been so abused by men in the past that she can’t think straight, or if she has just been influenced by Deep State politics. Whatever the case, she sounds like she is a reincarnation of one of Pharaoh’s counselors back just before Moses was born.

If a man were to recommend on video that all women should be killed, can you imagine the uproar this would cause on the mainstream media?

At least we can take comfort in one thing: she’s sick of being a baby factory, so perhaps she won’t produce any more women like herself. But that makes me wonder how many of her own sons she has already killed. She sounds like she has had a dozen children already and is tired of it.

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Blog Author: Dr. Stephen Jones