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The Calm Before The Storm

Jul 09, 2019

Jeremiah 23:19 says,

19 Behold, the storm of the Lord has gone forth in wrath, even a whirling tempest; it will swirl down on the head of the wicked.

Q post 48, dated November 2, 2017 says,

They never thought they were going to lose.
The calm before the storm.

He was referencing President Trump’s statement in front of the cameras on October 6, 2017.


This statement was made on the evening of October 5, 2017, which was the beginning of the feast of Tabernacles that year. A week later, on the eighth day of Tabernacles, October 12, 2017, the beast nations listed in Daniel 7 reached the end of the “seven times” allotted them to rule the earth.

Their time began with the fall of Jerusalem in 604 B.C., when King Nebuchadnezzar took control of the city. It would have ended a hundred years ago in 1917, except that there was a century (164-64 B.C.) when Jerusalem was independent under the Maccabees. That century had to be added to 1917 in order to give the beasts their full allotment of “seven times” (7 x 360 years). The purpose of Mystery Babylon was to fill in that hundred-year time gap from 1917-2017, thus completing The Great Tribulation.

President Trump announced the end of beast rule in terms of “the calm before the storm.” By our own revelation earlier in the year, the full end of their dominion was to come on the eighth day of Tabernacles, which fell on October 12, 2017.

Later that month, Q began posting on October 28, 2017, and a few days later he posted his first comment on “the calm before the storm.”

For 640 days we have waited, wondering when the “calm” would be broken by the “storm.” Much preparation took place along the way, slowly and steadily, and we saw thousands of human traffickers arrested over the months. Then a year ago in April, Allison Mack was arrested, and she soon decided to cooperate with the Justice Department, leading to the arrest of her boss, Keith Raniere and his chief financier, Clare Bronfman, the heir of the Seagram fortune that is allied with the Rothschilds.

Once that case was litigated successfully this past month, the Justice Department turned to those higher up in the pedophilia arena. That is why Jeff Epstein was finally arrested last Saturday and arraigned before a judge yesterday. He is the next big fish to be fried, and his trial or cooperation will expose many politicians, corporate executives, judges, and media moguls. In fact, these were already exposed when he was first sentenced in 2008, but the judges did nothing with that information. Today, however, Trump’s Justice Department and FBI are ready to prosecute them.

So Q posted this yesterday, July 8, 2019 (Post #3354).


 The Storm Has Arrived.jpg

Even though the beast empires reached the legal end of their dominion on October 12, 2017, this did not mean that they agreed to give up power. In fact, they did precisely what old Babylon did by refusing to set the people free (Jeremiah 50:33, 34). In fact, we know that God hardened their hearts in order to find legal cause to strip them of all the wealth that they had accumulated on the backs of their slaves.

God had already done that with Pharaoh when Egypt’s 414-year cycle ended in the time of Moses—dating from the birth of Ishmael. It was also 400 years since the birth of Isaac, who was the seed of Abraham (Genesis 15:13, 14). It was also 430 years since the promise was first given to Abraham (Exodus 12:41; Galatians 3:17). If some of these dates are confusing and need more explanation, see Secrets of Time, chapter 2 and chapter 5.

The point is that modern Mystery Babylon, which has ruled during the past century, now refuses to give up power once again. That is what lawless men do, for they care nothing for the laws of God or the decrees of the divine court. Their desire and goal is to maintain power forever. But God has other plans, and fortunately, He is sovereign enough to accomplish everything He sets His mind to do, in spite of all opposition.

Rule by Fear and Blackmail

Washington D.C. was built upon a swamp, and this has become a metaphor for the corruption in that city to this day. Trump has long talked about “draining the swamp.” I read articles as early as the 1980’s showing how the CIA and FBI had been running brothels in Washington in order to entrap politicians. This way they could “own” politicians, and if any of them stepped out of line and tried to deal with the actual corruption, photos would be leaked to the press, and they would have to resign their positions.

The brothels have since morphed into far more serious crimes. Now the weapon of choice is pedophilia and Satanist rituals of torture and murder. If people suddenly discovered what was actually happening, it would shock them. This is why the exposure has been gradual, and the take-down has taken so long. The NXIVM case exposed the fact that Hollywood (Allison Mack) and the rich and powerful (Clare Bronfman) are actively involved in human trafficking, pedophilia, and branding their slave-women.

 The next phase, however, will be the real “storm.” We will soon discover just how extensive the corruption has been and how many politicians have been blackmailed. Q post #3353 says,

What happens when those who held positions of POWER (& INFLUENCE) no longer pull the strings?
What happens when ‘BLACKMAIL’ no longer works?
Do you become a LIABILITY?
(H) C, D, I

Q is telling us that Jeff Epstein has been blackmailing many people in Washington, and his arrest and the subsequent exposure will end the blackmail. Those who are guilty will be prosecuted, while those who have been blackmailed will be treated leniently and will be set free to represent those who elected them.

Last year the death of Senator John McCain set Lindsey Graham free. See how he turned around completely from being a McCain-style Trump hater to a full supporter and is now at the head of the Senate Judiciary Committee. He knows what blackmail feels like, and he can also sympathize with others who have been blackmailed. Thus, he is in a position to show both justice and mercy to the appropriate people.

Bill Clinton Denies Epstein Three Times

Epstein used to have friends. Now they deny knowing him or they distance themselves from him. Bill Clinton is particularly vulnerable, because court records show that he traveled with Epstein to his pedo island 26 times. This will not end well with him.


Former President Bill Clinton claimed in a statement Monday that he knows nothing about the pedophilia charges filed against financier Jeffrey Epstein.

A spokesman for the former president, who flew on Mr. Epstein’s Boeing 727 more than 20 times, said in a statement first reported by Fox News, that he “knows nothing” about the “terrible crimes” linked to Mr. Epstein.

The statement downplayed the extent of Mr. Clinton’s ties to the accused pedophile and said the trips had been tied to work with the Clinton Foundation.

“Staff, supporters of the foundation, and his Secret Service detail traveled on every leg of every trip. He had one meeting with Epstein in his Harlem office in 2002, and around the same time made one brief visit to Epstein’s New York apartment with a staff member and his security detail. He’s not spoken to Epstein in well over a decade, and he has never been to Little St. James Island, Epstein’s ranch in New Mexico, or his residence in Florida,” it said.

Mr. Clinton, according to a 2016 Fox report citing court documents, flew on the tricked-out “Lolita Express” plane 26 times.

If Clinton knew nothing of these “terrible crimes,” how is it that he was photographed with Rachel Chandler on Epstein’s plane? Rachel Chandler was one of Epstein’s most important recruiters into sex trafficking.

 Qanon Post-Clinton.jpg

(from Q Post 3363)

Fox News reported three years ago (July 6, 2016) that during his 2008 trial, Epstein had claimed he was a co-founder of the Clinton Foundation. That is part of the court record that is reproduced by Fox News in the article below.


Attorneys for convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein touted his close friendship with Bill Clinton and even claimed the billionaire helped start Clinton's controversial family foundation in a 2007 letter aimed at boosting his image during plea negotiations, FoxNews.com has learned.

The 23-page letter, written by high-powered lawyers Alan Dershowitz and Gerald Lefcourt, was apparently part of an ultimately successful bid to negotiate a plea deal before Epstein could be tried for using underage girls in a sex ring based in Palm Beach, Fla., and his private island estate on the 72-acre Virgin Islands home dubbed “Orgy Island.” Epstein spent 13 months in prison and home detention after agreeing to a plea deal in which he admitted to soliciting an underage girl for prostitution.

"Mr. Epstein was part of the original group that conceived the Clinton Global Initiative, which is described as a project 'bringing together a community of global leaders to devise and implement innovative solutions to some of the world’s most pressing challenges,” read the July 2007 letter to the U.S. Attorney’s office in the Southern District of Florida. “Focuses of this initiative include poverty, climate change, global health, and religious and ethnic conflicts.”

If the Epstein trial takes place December 4 as presently scheduled, it will probably end just before the political primaries take place in February 2020. It will be interesting to see how this affects those primaries and also the 2020 election.

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