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Duluth trip report

Jun 01, 2019

On May 30 we began to get pieces of revelation which, when put together later, proved to be about the Seven Churches and those who overcome.

At first God revealed His heart, as He appeared to weep over His church on account of its lack of love, its disunity and division, its hardness of heart, its inability to hear the word, and its carnal condition in general. God seemed to be particularly sad at the plaques on the foundations of many church buildings which inform us that the church was established on such-and-such a date. The church was founded by Jesus long before those church buildings were built.

It appeared that He was seeking those who could carry the Ark on their shoulders. This was taken from the story of David, who brought the Ark to Jerusalem and put it in “the tabernacle of David.” The Ark was no longer to be on the shoulders of Levitical priests nor even the church’s priesthood which is patterned after them according to the Old Covenant patterns.

We also received word that we were to go to Duluth, Minnesota. With this revelation came the number 602, which is the elevation of Duluth. We know it as #602 in Strong’s Concordance. Number 602 in the Greek section is apokolupsis, and in Hebrew it is anaq. By this we understood that we were to go to two mountains: Spirit Mountain (overlooking Lake Superior) and nearby Hermantown, which related to Mount Herman where the angels sinned in Genesis 6:4, producing giants, including the Anakim, or sons of Anak (anaq).

Spirit Mountain was the place to receive the anointing of Melchizedek as it transferred from Levi to a new order of priesthood. Hermantown was to be a place of warfare in some manner. Recall that this theme formed a big part of the revelation regarding our Tabernacles conference in October 2017 at nearby Cloquet, Minnesota.

When we arrived at Spirit Mountain the next day (May 31), a light breeze was blowing up the mountain off the cold lake. As we sat in the car to stay warm, a cloud that looked like a distant mountain appeared in the horizon. It was an huge army on horseback, and as they galloped toward us, the sound of their hoofs sounded like Jesus’ heartbeat. All were in perfect harmony and in sync with His heart and will.

Yeshua is “salvation” in Hebrew. Iesus (Jesus) is His name in Greek. Ie or Ye is the Greek spelling of Yah or Yahweh, and sus is “horse.” Iesus is “Yah’s Horse.” Horses are a symbol of salvation in Scripture. So Yeshua and Jesus essentially mean the same thing.

Those riding on the horses were distributing the blessings of Abraham in all four directions as they rode. We connected this to the fact that the overcomers were doing the work that the priesthood was supposed to do. The priests of Levi did not understand this and ultimately refused to bless all families of the earth, but the Melchizedek priests were more than willing to do the work and fulfill the call of Abraham.

As the army of God drew closer, we discovered that it was all one person which found unity in Christ Himself. At that point the three of us decided to get out of the car to meet this Jesus-army. As the army drew near, the wind blew harder. I was glad that I brought a windbreaker with me, because it was quite chilly, even though the sun was bright.

As we stood waiting near the car, Sharon soon began to feel the pain of transformation. Brad and I did not know at first what this meant. But soon she complained that her legs were turning into pillars. “I don’t want to have pillars for sides! What is the pillar for?”

My thought was Boaz, which was the name of one of the pillars in the temple. This was really our first clue that connected this event with the Seven Churches, because Revelation 3:12 says, “He who overcomes, I will make him a pillar in the temple of My God.”

Soon she dropped to her knees and couldn't get up for about a half hour. She continued to see more changes in the Spirit, all of which related to the rewards of the overcomers in the Seven Churches. The first principle of intercession is identification, and so she also found herself identified with each of the Seven Churches, repenting for each, and also feeling the pain as God stripped away the things of the flesh.

Throughout the ordeal, we came to a new understanding of the overcomers’ rewards in Revelation 2 and 3. Transformation into the image of Christ is a painful process, as we all know. Overall, we experienced and saw that the Spirit of God was coming soon to transform the church and cause them to repent. The overcomers were being called to minister to the church in this great change, and this ministry was one of intercession.

Intercession is more than prayer. It cannot be done apart from identification, even as Jesus identified with us and bore our sorrows, griefs, pains, and sicknesses. That is not easy to do. Likewise, the Melchizedek Order, those who are in unity with the great High Priest of the Order of Melchizedek, are also engaged in this difficult work as they identify with the carnal church, bear its iniquities (Ezekiel 4:4, 5), and overcome on their behalf to bring many sons to glory.

When our work was completed on Spirit Mountain, we drove to Hermantown to do spiritual warfare. We were led to drive to the water tower, and when we arrived, we went into the parking lot of the Middle School across the street. There we discerned an underground beast of some kind, the hidden ruler of that mountain. Others, of course, supported him as well.

We asked the appropriate angels to arrest them and bring them to the divine court for judgment. Within a few minutes, the dark beast was manifested in front of us, and we brought judgment upon him, casting him into outer darkness. We discerned that this beast had focused much of his power upon the children, and that this was why the divine court was set up at the school.

The work was finished, and we then drove home to digest, assess, and discern all the things that had been accomplished. This was part of the preparation work for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit that is yet to manifest fully in the earth. At the same time, we received many insights into the nature of the Melchizedek work and the responsibilities of the priesthood. Finally, we also learned some of the hidden aspects of the message to the Seven Churches.


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