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Planting the banner on higher ground

May 29, 2019

Yesterday, May 28, we achieved a significant victory in spiritual warfare. It really began the day before yesterday, when we discerned that Christ was coming to us with a new song and the banner of love (Song of Solomon 2:4). The ultimate purpose of this was for the healing of the nations.

The new song was to be built around the frequency of 528 Hz, which is Mi in the Solfeggio musical scale (as in Do, Re, Mi). The names of the notes were taken from the first stanza of the ancient Hymn to St. John the Baptist. Mi is short for Mira (“Miracle”) and 528 is known as the frequency of healing miracles and transformation.

Anyway, for many years we have associated May 28 with the 528 Mi musical note. We discerned that May 28 was going to be significant in some way, but we had to wait until then to find out what precisely would occur.

Apparently, the other side also discerned the importance of this date—or perhaps their plans made it important. We had some remote viewing visitors that had to be brought into judgment. Their job, it seems, was to see if they could recruit us to their cause, if that were possible. We were slightly offended that they would even entertain such hope. All they did was to kick in the “eye for eye” law, for if they could spy (trespass) on us, we had legal cause to spy on them.

We also asked for protection, because we discerned that a battle was coming soon and that it could potentially be dangerous to us and to others.

Atonement Silver

The next morning (May 28), I received 3 pieces of silver in the mail. According to the note inside the envelope, this was associated with the law of census in Exodus 30:12, 13, 16. It was “atonement” money to cover (protect) people from “the plague” and in battle. Hence, many call it the Soldiers’ Ransom.

The Hebrew word for atonement is kippur, as in Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement. Kippur means “covering,” and in fact kippur is the origin of our English word “cover.”

The law says that such silver was to be given for use in the sanctuary (tabernacle or temple). A few hours later (afternoon), we discovered that this was our sign of protection that we had requested the previous day—not only for our own protection, but for the protection of the entire army that God has raised up around us. (That’s YOU.) The one sending the silver was acting on behalf of the entire body, though she was unaware of God’s higher purpose in this.

God often leads us by personal circumstances to do things without revealing His greater purpose until later. So also, I was led to go on a fast beginning last Saturday. I thought it was just a routine fast for health purposes, but it turned out to be a preparation period for the coming spiritual battle. I had no idea until after the fact that it would require 3½ days of fasting. But there is a time for every revelation, and God does not normally reveal everything ahead of time.

Preliminary Revelations

The team of three (one for each piece of silver) met on May 28, and we were given revelation of the tav, which was originally written as a cross or X. The letter tav literally means “a mark or sign” and is used in Scripture to indicate God’s signature. In this context, it was about Ezekiel 9:4, where the man with the inkhorn put a “mark” (literally, tav) on the foreheads of those who were being protected at that time.

The X signified that they belonged to God, and hence, He put His name on their foreheads, as seen in Revelation 22:4. (This is the opposite of the “mark of the beast.”) It is all built upon the law in Deuteronomy 6:8, where we are instructed to write His laws on our hand and forehead. In fact, about a week ago, I had written “Deut. 6:8” on a yellow sticky note and had stuck it to Sharon’s forehead. We laughed at the time, but yet we also took it seriously. Even so, I did not realize at the time that this was an early setup for the battle on May 28.

I have said many times that most prophecy is inadvertent. That is the way it ought to be, I suppose, because when these things come to pass, we realize that it was all God’s doing. What we thought was just “us” was actually Him leading us anonymously by His sovereign will.

There are great lessons in that.

The next preliminary revelation was the 41-42 day cycle from May 28 to July 8-9, based on the fact that Israel had 41 camps in the wilderness, and their 42nd encampment was on the plains of Jericho after crossing the Jordan River. See Numbers 33:1-37, where these are listed.

I had never made the connection between May 28 and July 9 before. I had never noticed that it was a 42-day cycle. But now it appears to signify a speeded-up wilderness journey before entering the Promised Land in some manner. Ultimately, this is a path to Sonship, which was also revealed in the preliminary revelations given on May 27, 28. So the rewards are great, but it is too soon to know just how this will play out. As usual, God tells us just enough so that we know what to do, giving us the vision (and hope) of the final reward. Then we are required to be watchful to see what He does, simply because we do not know fully what He has in mind.

Perhaps the most important thing, however, is that on May 28, 1991 the “New Net of Prayer” was established prophetically. I wrote about this in chapter 9 of my book, The Wars of the Lord. The co-incidence of the date itself, where two events coincide by having the same date in common, speaks into the prophecy itself, giving it structure and definition. It told us that this ministry, prophesied as the “New Net of Prayer” in July 1986, and established five years later in 1991 after a lengthy delay, was now being enhanced, or brought to a new level in 2019.

This is obviously a long-term plan, as we view long term. God’s view of long-term is in terms of thousands of years or from timeless eternity, but ours is relative to our life span.

The connection to July 9 is also significant, dating back as early as a prayer battle in 1984 and again in 2010 when we cast barley into the Mississippi River according to the 8th miracle sign of Elisha. You can read those reports here:



The Battle

Our first real notice of impending battle came when Jesus told us, “Witchcraft Army coming.” We discerned that it was important for us to know where they were coming from. We first discerned the East Coast, but as the battle unfolded, we saw that it was also coming from St. James Island in the Virgin Islands in the Caribbean.

That is also known as Pedo Island, owned by Jeff Epstein. It was largely destroyed by fire last year on April 6, 2018, after its human trafficking was exposed by the investigation into the NXIVM cult. Allison Mack was arrested two weeks later on April 20, 2018, and that is when the story began to be reported in the news.


Of interest is the fact that both Michael and Gabriel teamed up in this battle.

In the heat of battle, we came to see that Epstein was much more than a convicted pedophile billionaire. His blood sacrifices of children were designed to achieve great spiritual power, and so the battle was more intense than any I have ever experienced. (That’s saying a lot.) Wave after wave came against us, but of course they were no match for Jesus’ army. We took them all captive and sent them into outer darkness.

We saw eight entities in a circle and a ninth that appeared to be above the others. One of the eight was Afak, and the controlling spirit was the Prince of Greece, probably going back to the third beast empire (after Persia). In all, we overcame 15 princes and 2 archprinces, along with the rank-and-file army itself.

Michael struck the main blow with his great Sword of the Spirit. When the battle was won, Gabriel blew a great trumpet to announce a portion of the Scroll of Destiny. There will be a great outpouring of the Spirit soon. In that outpouring, the Spirit of God will be poured out upon Donald Trump and also Hillary Clinton.

This is the first real witness that we have received that supports Kim Clement’s prophecy from years ago that the Spirit will be poured out upon the next president and that “Hillary will have a testimony second to none.” This is in spite of the fact that both Bill and Hillary have gone to Epstein’s “Pedo Island” many times over the years. I suspect that a lot of repentance will be required. Kim’s prophecy thus seems unbelievable, but nothing is impossible with God. In fact, God rather enjoys making things look impossible just before He does it, making it look easy.

There is no doubt that the coming outpouring of the Spirit is going to be greater than any other from the past, at least in terms of its scope.

The New Song

We ended with a declaration of the New Song, where we read Revelation 5:9 and 10 as a declaration:

9 And they sang a new song, saying, “Worthy art Thou to take the book and to break its seals, for Thou wast slain and didst purchase for God with Thy blood men from every tribe and tongue and people and nation. 10 And Thou hast made them to be a kingdom and priests to our God; and they will reign on the earth.

This is a song about overcomers, and for this reason, it applies to a limited number of people. These few “reign on the earth,” that is, they reign over the rest of the world. They are the ones who fulfill the calling of Abraham, having Abrahamic faith in the promises of God (Romans 4:21). The promise of God is that Abraham’s seed will be His agents through whom the promised blessings will be extended to the rest of humanity or “all the families of the earth” (Genesis 12:3).

So after the “new song” in Revelation 5:9 and 10, we read the response from the divine council in Revelation 5:11, 12, followed by the response from the rest of humanity in Revelation 5:13. The meaning is clear: The work of the overcomers as they sing their new song (message) will be successful and God will succeed in fulfilling His promises, vows, and oaths.

In the end, the new song is about the restoration of all things, purchased by the blood of Jesus, as it says (Revelation 5:9). The banner accompanying this song is the banner of love, which is at the bottom of the entire plan of God, including His judgments.

We know that His blood purchased the whole world, giving Him the legal right to save all mankind. As the Victim for the sin of the world, the law of victims rights gave Him the right to forgive, and He did so on the cross (Luke 23:34). He exercised that right in order to fulfill the promises of God.

I am convinced that we are able to do this work more effectively than many others because we are in agreement with the divine plan to restore all things. We understand that blessing the nations means to turn them all from their wicked ways (Acts 3:25, 26). Hence, our purpose is to bless, motivated by love, using the Sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God. This sword is powered by love that never fails (1 Corinthians 13:8), and by this sword we overcome evil with good (Romans 12:21).


On May 28, 2019 the “New Net of Prayer,” which is how God characterized this ministry long ago, took higher ground and entered a new level of ministry that will no doubt unfold in the months and years ahead. We know our mission and message, as stated in the new song. We are assured of success, regardless of how impossible or improbable it appears on the surface.

No doubt we will get a clearer picture when this 42-day cycle ends on July 9.


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