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Back home again

Mar 11, 2019

We arrived home safely last night about 9:30 pm local time after a long flight from Auckland, New Zealand. It was a pleasant flight, and Darla and I each noticed that we were not nearly as tired as in previous trips. After a single good night’s sleep, it appears that we are back to normal.

This may be due to the fact that we had a few days’ off after the meetings in New Zealand. We walked the beach at Coopers Beach, and we took a 4-hour cruise at the Bay of Islands after visiting the museum. Our final mission was to go to the famous flagpole at Russell, where the original New Zealand capital was located, and to cleanse the land in the divine court.

The next day (Sunday) we drove down to Auckland for the flight home that evening. We got on the plane at 7:30 pm and arrived in Minneapolis at 9:30 pm the same day, since we gained a day on the return flight. Our 3-week summer is now concluded, and we returned to deep snow. Apparently, Minnesota had record snowfall in February, and this continued into March. The boys reported minus 31 degrees F, which is also about minus 31 degrees C. But by the time we got home, it was up to a balmy 23 degrees (-5C).

I don’t have the last week’s pictures organized yet but plan to do the final New Zealand trip report this week.

Thanks for your prayers. We had a very successful trip and received a good report on the progress of the New Covenant gospel being preached in Myanmar. Lynley has been preaching there in the past few years with the help of Ray, her translator.

Ray flew from Myanmar to New Zealand to attend the meetings. He and his father have translated The Restoration of All Things and The Barley Overcomers and are now working on other books. There are currently about 20 pastors who believe Universal Reconciliation, with another 20 or so open to our teaching. Although this is a new truth in Myanmar, much progress has been made.

More later.

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