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The meaning of Cursed Time

Dec 04, 2018

As I drove home from the office last evening, it occurred to me that I ought to explain further the principle of Cursed Time, because it is easily misunderstood.

I understand Cursed Time, having been subject to it myself a couple times in the past. The first time was a 414-day cycle from December 5, 1981 to January 23, 1983. I had known since I was about 12 years old that I was not called to be a pastor, but I had insufficient knowledge of the 5-fold ministry to really know what that meant.

In August 1981 I agreed to start a church in Las Cruces, NM and to be its pastor. That put me in a calling that was not mine, and God held me accountable. Only after I resigned on December 5 did I get the understanding that I was a Teacher, not a Pastor. God put me on Cursed Time in order to teach me the difference and to put me on the right path. I knew then that I would never again try to be a pastor. I repented, and so at the end of the 414-day training cycle, we moved to Batesville, AR to begin a new life. There I did a lot of teaching in a local church.

During my time in Arkansas, I was in training under the Net of Prayer, learning about spiritual warfare and intercession. I had definitely been called to be part of that organization, but at the same time God had shown me early into it that I was to be there for just 5 years. In fact, the original word given to the leader of the NOP was to issue a call to arms and to have people commit themselves to 5 years of spiritual warfare.

When the 5 years came due in September 2, 1986, I was supposed to leave the NOP, but instead I refused to do so. By that time, I wanted to remain there forever. In July 1986 God sent a dozen people to tell me to leave. I preferred to stay. So once again, I was in a calling that was not mine—or that was no longer mine.

That put me again on Cursed Time, this time for 3 x 414 days. This time God sent me to Memphis, TN to serve most of my time. Memphis is also a city in Egypt, and in fact Memphis, TN is the sister city of Memphis in Egypt. We arrived while they were building the new stadium that was in the shape of the Great Pyramid in Egypt.

In September of 1989, I began to sense that something was dreadfully wrong, and so I embarked on a time of prayer and fasting to open my eyes to know what was wrong. He immediately began to lead me toward the path of conflict in the NOP, and on October 16 I resigned my position in the NOP. That resolved the original problem, for then I was no longer in a calling that was not mine.

On December 5, 1989 I began working in a new job in Northeast Arkansas. I commuted to work, driving home only on week ends until January 27, 1990, when we physically moved to Leachville, AR, where my job was located. A year later, in February 1991, I attended a meeting where Lalo Cadona was teaching about Cursed Time. That was when I discovered that God had moved us out of “Egypt” (Memphis) and its “Egyptian bondage” precisely 3 x 414 days after I had refused to leave the NOP (September 2, 1986).

That is a very brief summary of events, but it is enough to know that Cursed Time is not imposed upon people for “ordinary” sins—not even serious sins. In my experience it is really about being disobedient in regard to one’s calling.

Egypt on Cursed Time

In studying this principle afterward, I noticed that Egypt too was on Cursed Time, ending with Israel’s exodus from Egypt. It began when Ishmael was born, for he was birthed by an Egyptian mother, Hagar. In fact, the book of Jasher tells us that Hagar was the daughter of Pharaoh who had been given to Sarah as a restitution payment after Pharaoh had taken Sarah into his harem (Genesis 12:15).

So Ishmael was actually an Egyptian prince of the royal house and was eligible to represent the nation of Egypt.

The problem was that Abram thought that Ishmael was the promised seed, and as the child grew, it was assumed that he carried the calling that was to come through Abraham. In other words, he was in a calling that was not his. Egypt paid the price for this 414 years later when the 10 plagues all but destroyed Egypt. If Pharaoh had repented and let Israel go, it would not have been a problem.

Canaan on Cursed Time

In another case, we read in Genesis 9:25-27 how Noah cursed Canaan, which put Canaan on Cursed Time for 828 years (2 x 414). God allowed the Canaanites to have dominion over the land of Canaan—as if they were “chosen”—until their time ended without repentance. It ended the same year that Joshua led Israel across the Jordan River.

After 828 years, the Canaanites had long forgotten about Noah’s curse, nor did they understand the principle of Cursed Time. They assumed that they were given the land of Canaan forever, not knowing that God in His mercy had allotted them a specific time to repent.

Cursed Time is really a misnomer. It is a grace period that begins with the curse (sentence of the law) and ends with the execution of the law. Everything in the middle is the time of mercy and grace, because God does not bring judgment without giving men time to repent.

In studying history and chronology, which was put in my book, Secrets of Time, I discovered six important biblical examples of Cursed Time, which explained biblical events. They all related to the idea of one’s calling, if traced to its roots. Having experienced personally the effects of Cursed Time, I understood that when applied to individuals the time cycles are in terms of 414 days (or multiples), whereas when applied to nations it is 414 years (or multiples).

Giving the Dominion Mandate to the Beasts

Even the long-term cycle of beast rule involved 6 x 414 years. Recall that the kings of Judah had received the calling of the Dominion Mandate through Jacob’s promise in Genesis 49:10. The kings of Judah, however, failed to fulfill their callings, because they rebelled and misused their Mandate. Finally, God took it away and gave the Mandate to Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon, who was the first of four beast empires to rule the world for 2,520 years.

Babylon took Jerusalem in 604 B.C. and was contracted to rule for “seven times,” i.e., 7 x 360 years. For this reason, when Babylon misused its Mandate, the calling was passed down to the next empire, Persia. Persia too misused it, and so the Mandate was given to Greece. There was one brief interruption during that time from 163-63 B.C., when the Hasmonean dynasty ruled Jerusalem as an independent state. The Grecian beast empire thus lost a century of its contract to rule the world, and when the beast dominion resumed, it was given to Rome in 63 B.C. when General Pompey took Jerusalem.

Rome fell in 476 A.D. but received an extension (“horn”) to fill in the remaining time in the 2,520 year period. When the 2,520 years of chronology were completed in 1917, Jerusalem was taken by British General Allenby at the end of World War 1. That was a major marker that was foreseen by a few Bible teachers at the time who understood the time cycle of “seven times.” However, because the Grecian beast had been deprived of a century of rule, that time had to be added to the end (1917-2017).

So the 8th day of Tabernacles, October 12, 2017, the divine contract with the beasts ended, and the dominion passed to “the saints of the Most High” (Daniel 7:22 KJV). That was a momentous day in the history of the Kingdom, though few saw it or understood it. We, however, held a conference in Cloquet, MN a few days later to explain the significance of that day to those who had ears to hear and eyes to see.

The Beast System on Cursed Time

The moment the divine Mandate was passed to the saints of the Most High, the beasts lost their calling. But because their hearts were hardened, refusing to let the people go, they found themselves in a calling that was not theirs.

So 414 days later, on November 30, 2018, George H. W. Bush died.

When we understand who that man was, and the extent of his empire, we can see just how significant his death was. He represented the beast system itself as a king would represent a nation or empire. So God held him accountable, much like King Jehoachin was held accountable for the sin of Saul in consulting the witch of Endor. (That was another 414-year cycle.)

By the law of authority and responsibility, Bush was held accountable for the refusal of the last beast (“Deep State”) to relinquish power to the saints of the Most High. His death on November 30 proves (by the laws of God) that he was in the highest position of power, at least in America.

Your Inheritance

The death of Bush confirms the view that the Deep State, as a whole, is soon to be brought to judgment. It is a momentous turning point in the long-term history of the Kingdom. The kings of Judah in Jerusalem lost the Mandate because of sin, and God judged them and the entire world for abusing the Dominion Mandate—that is, for refusing to use it to bring forth the fruits of the Kingdom (Fruitfulness Mandate).

The saints of the Most High are the ones prophesied to fulfill the calling. Hence, they have been given the birthright in 2017, confirmed in 2018 with the timely death of the beast-king. This event takes us one step closer to the day when we are able to move fully into our inheritance.

The inheritance is the Birthright, the “right of birth,” which in this case is the new birth of the spiritual man. Only those who are part of the new creation (2 Corinthians 5:17) are able to fulfill this calling without abusing the Dominion Mandate (Genesis 1:26) and without failing to bring forth the sons of God by the Fruitfulness Mandate (Genesis 1:28). Together, these two Mandates form the Birthright.

The shift toward this culmination point began in 1981 when the Net of Prayer first engaged in spiritual warfare. I was caught up in that prayer campaign without realizing what was happening, and I believe this was true with many others as well. It is probably no coincidence that this was 37 years ago (1981-2018). The number 37 is the number of “Inheritance.” See my book, The Biblical Meaning of Numbers from One to Forty.

The 37th year was from 2017-2018.

This suggests that we are now able to enter into our inheritance fully. Back in 1981 we engaged in spiritual warfare from a handicapped position, because we were still living in the reign of “Saul.” In fact, it was the last 12 years before “Saul” died in 1993 on the 40th Jubilee of the Pentecostal Age.

Those final 12 years of Saul’s reign also marked the time that he pursued David as if he were an outlaw. That time frame overlays upon the 12 years from 1981-1993.

There are many remarkable connections and parallels between the biblical stories and our own experiences, none of which could have been planned by any of us. We were all just driven by current events, unaware of the long-term prophetic significance of our actions. It is only later that we are able to look back and marvel at the way God engineered events according to His long-term planning.

So be encouraged. Although there will still be battles and problems ahead, we are certainly on the winning side. Many good men and prophets in the past have desired to see the day the beast systems is stripped of its power. We are privileged to see that day and to receive the inheritance. We do not know what lies ahead or how we will be led to use the spiritual authority that has been given to the saints of the Most High, but the Holy Spirit will lead and guide us into all truth, as Jesus promised (John 16:13).

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