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The Walk Away Movement

Jul 10, 2018

The Democratic Party is losing its membership rather quickly, mostly due to its aversion to free speech and its promotion of violence against those who disagree with them. This has done much to shatter past perceptions of what the Democratic Party has stood for. Perhaps the most significant change is how an increasing number of black voters are now supporting President Trump.

This change seems to have gained momentum when Kanye West came out in full support of Trump a few months ago (January?). He took a lot of heat from the press and the black leadership in Congress, but suddenly others began to see that he had a point.

The “Walk Away” movement is gaining momentum, strangely enough, among liberals and even in the gay community. Blacks and Hispanics too are beginning to realize that the Democratic Party (as a party) has a long history of racism and racist philosophies, and that even the big push for Socialism and a Welfare State has only put them into bondage to the state. When I listened to a drag queen come out in support of Trump, I realized that the Democratic Party was in serious trouble.

If this movement continues to grow, it is doubtful if the Democrats will increase their power in the mid-term elections this coming November.

Here are a few short testimonials from such people. Each has his/her own story to tell, coming from different backgrounds. I left out some very enlightening testimonials because of some crude language (street talk). The four testimonials below are more than enough to give you an idea of what is happening in America.





DISCLAIMER: I post these to keep you informed on what is going on in America today. The views and opinions expressed in the above videos are purely their own and do not necessarily reflect the views of God's Kingdom Ministries. Our view is clearly expressed in our writings.

It occurs to me that if this is a political manifestation of "The Great Awakening," perhaps it is a sign of a spiritual awakening as well. Is the blindness being removed from the people? Is the Old Covenant veil being removed? Hmmm... Maybe the world is getting ready to walk away from the Old Covenant mindset.

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