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A judge from the International Court of Justice (ICJ) reveals the plan for the great Monetary Redemption that is coming soon

Oct 11, 2017


HRH Lord Windsor Judge Sir Ricky Nathaniel, speaking from Malaysia, talks about gold assets that were set up in the early 1900’s that have never been used. He confirms the existence of the historical Heritage Accounts that many have talked about in recent years. He says that now they are about to be released to back the new financial system that is replacing the old system.

US Capital Bank is hardly known to the public, but it is the world’s largest custodial trust bank, which is a major shareholder of 17 prime banks, including HSBC. It also co-owns two major gold bunkers, holding huge amounts of gold that are to yet to be used to bring liquidity to the world financial system. US Capital Bank itself is backed strongly by cash and gold—more gold than is thought to exist in the entire world. There are bunkers around the world holding vast amounts of gold, but none of these assets can be used without the special redemption court license from the ICJ and various governmental agencies.

These assets can be used only by matching the serial numbers on the box with the accounts that were created in the early 1900’s and with the gold assigned to various bunkers. These assets were put in various bunkers in 1959-1961.

The amount of money is so huge, into the quintillions of dollars, it is possible only through the central banks. Yet the central banks cannot issue any money without licensing letters from the ICJ, authorizing the banks to issue this gold-backed money. Clearance to use these Heritage Accounts are at a “very advanced stage” of development.

“It is top priority for us to start redeeming now,” he says. It appears that this is coinciding with our general time frame for the fall of the Babylonian system and the start of earth’s redemption from a financial point of view. In the early 1900’s, the assets in question were originally given in trust (on 60-year contracts, I have heard) for the benefit of the world, but much was stolen or misused for the benefit of the few. So the contracts were not renewed when they began to come due in the late 1900’s. The bad guys refused to give back the assets, and so these have been tied up for decades.

I know from other studies that much of the paperwork was stored in the World Trade Center, and that the assets were to be released on September 12, 2001. That was at least one reason why the buildings were destroyed on September 11. The bad guys were hoping to delay the return of the assets to the rightful owners, so that they could maintain their grip on power.

But now it appears that the legal process is reaching its conclusion. I suspect that this is also why there is such a heightened threat of war with North Korea. The bad guys still hope to stop this redemption from taking place. But I believe we are now at the time of the end, so I do not think that anything will stop it. Most likely, then, there will be no war with North Korea.

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Blog Author: Dr. Stephen Jones