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Signs of the Kingdom

Sep 18, 2017

Hurricane Jose dumped some rain on the east coast last week, but now Hurricane Maria is hitting the Leeward Islands, following the same path that Irma took a short time ago.

Maria now has 120 mph winds and is expected to increase to a major hurricane in the next two days.


It is interesting that we have Joseph and Mary hurricanes just as the September 23 sign in the heavens is taking place (based on Revelation 12). That sign is the Virgin bringing forth the King.

Some, of course, are predicting the end of the world on September 23. As for me, I am looking forward to what comes afterward, because it is clear to me that Tabernacles this year is the kickoff point for the Open Door Ministry, wherein the Gospel of the Kingdom begins to go forth to be preached to the whole world as per Matthew 24:14. Jesus said there that “the end” will not come until after the Gospel of the Kingdom has been preached as a witness to “all the nations.”

Up to now, the gospel of salvation has been preached, but not the Gospel of the Kingdom. The nations have received on a partial gospel, because the church has not really understood the Gospel of the Kingdom. Many are now starting to wake up and see that the Kingdom is something bigger, but up to now, most have assumed that the church was the Kingdom.

The fact is, the church has been a kingdom patterned after Saul’s Kingdom. But Saul was not of Judah, but of Benjamin, so he could not really fulfill the Kingdom prophecies except in a lesser manner. The Saul kingdom has ended after 40 Jubilees of church history, and we are now in the transition into the kingdom of David (or Joseph, depending on how you view it).

Just understand that the news is all good for us. Even the bad things all work together for good (Romans 8:28). If there is any bad news, it is for the Babylonian kingdom that is falling, and it is also bad news for all who identify with Babylon in any way. You can measure a person’s involvement with Babylon according to the person’s fear factor. When Babylonians are fearful, the overcomers rejoice, because God is setting us free.

We have a great future ahead of us. While much of the church has only an antichrist and a tribulation to look forward to, we look forward to a Kingdom that cannot be shaken.

Keep in mind that the sign on September 23 of the Virgin giving birth to the King (that is, the King’s planet, Jupiter) is a sign of a coming event. It is not the event itself. When you see a road sign, it tells you what to expect down the road. Jupiter was called Zedek by the Jews. Zedek is “righteousness.” Jerusalem was called the City of Zedek, or the City of Righteousness (Isaiah 1:26). It is actually the New Jerusalem that is the City of Righteousness, because the old city, being carnal, failed to fulfill that calling.

Therefore, the sign in the heavens that is coming this week is a sign of the birth of the New Jerusalem as well as the second appearance of Christ as the King of Righteousness and the King of Salem (Hebrews 7:1, 2). On August 21 we saw a solar eclipse pass over seven cities called “Salem” from the west coast to the east coast. That sign signified the demise of the old Jerusalem, and now the September 23 sign is about the rise of the New Jerusalem.

Whether this is good news or bad depends on which city you consider to be your spiritual mother. Paul tells us in Galatians 4 that the earthly Jerusalem is Hagar, and the heavenly Jerusalem is Sarah. He says that our mother is Sarah, the New Jerusalem (Galatians 4:26), whereas, those who consider the earthly Jerusalem to be their mother are mere children of the flesh, children of the bondwoman. Such children are not inheritors of the Kingdom, Paul says.

The signs are telling us these things, but not many understand the signs. One must know the Scriptures to understand the meaning of the signs. When the heavens declare the glory of God, “there is no speech nor are there words. Their voice is not heard” (Psalm 19:3). We must provide the words so that the signs are understood.

The birth of the King in Revelation 12 already took place when Jesus was born in Bethlehem, but it is repeating on a higher level today to signify the second coming of Christ. The sign in Revelation 12 is followed by another sign, showing the Red Dragon attempting to devour the King as soon as He is born. This was originally fulfilled by King Herod, the Edomite. Edom means “red.” He was the manifestation of the Red Dragon at that time.

This time around, the Red Dragon will again attempt to devour that which is being birthed. But once again, he will fail. God may institute a prayer campaign after September 23 to address this danger. I do not yet know, but I suspect that such a prayer campaign is coming shortly.

It appears to me that it is the Open Door Ministry that is being brought to birth this year. The “manchild” (KJV) is not just Jesus Himself, but also includes His body, which is now emerging. This emergence will culminate at some point in the manifestation of the sons of God. I have seen no real evidence that this manifestation will occur this year. However, as always, we will know by the feast of Trumpets, which this year falls on September 21. If the resurrection of the dead occurs on September 21, then we will know that we have two weeks until the living overcomers are changed (brought to birth) on the first day of Tabernacles. Then they will be presented on the eighth day of Tabernacles, and then be “manifested” to the world the same day.

I believe, however, that this year (2017) it is the Open Door Ministry that is being brought to birth. It is a big step, but still not the final fulfillment of the feasts. Matthew 24:14 is a bit obscure, but we might construe this to mean that the coming of Christ will occur only after the Open Door Ministry has had time to finish its work to “all the nations.” Jesus said, “and then the end shall come.” He did not define “the end,” but He was answering the disciples’ question in Matthew 24:3 about Christ’s coming and the end of the age. So the end appears to mean “the end of the age.”

By next year it should be clear, one way or another, if the Open Door Ministry has really begun, or if it just another partial fulfillment as we have seen in past years. Once it is proven positively, then we can start to discern the length of that ministry in terms of “the end of the age.”

We are living in exciting times.

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Blog Author: Dr. Stephen Jones