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Burning Man festival in Nevada gets a dusting

Aug 30, 2017

In 2006 the movie The Wicker Man came out, starring Nicolas Cage.


I saw the movie, and it was easy to see that it was a movie depicting a satanic ritual of “the burning man.” So now the Satanists have put together a festival of “arts” based on this. The Burning Man Festival is going on now in Nevada, but it seems that a dust storm has descended upon them in an ominous sign. I am reminded how Hurricane Katrina interrupted the Southern Decadence LGBT festival in 2005.


Amid the madness of this year's psychedelic symposium at Black Rock Desert, Burning Man participants on Tuesday found themselves absorbing the brunt of a punishing dust storm

Among the pictures in the article, we read this caption:

Burning Man participants cling to the top of a 20 foot high art project pyramid tower called 'The Tower of Babel' in the midst of a driving desert dust storm.

Another caption under the picture of an owl says:

Burning Man participant Lauren Rock (R) throws her bouquet after she married Bob Peterson (L) in front of the 'Mucaro' owl art project.

This owl is similar to the owl that is seen at the satanic Bohemian Grove ceremonies each year, attended by many political world leaders and high-level bankers and other businessmen. They sacrifice an effigy as well to get people used to the idea of human sacrifice, in hopes of making such religious rituals acceptable once again.

The Cremation of Care is a ritual performance undertaken at the yearly Bohemian Grove club, where a human effigy is sacrificed to an approximate 40ft stone owl. It is argued that the ritual is conducted because club members (often high ranking businessmen and politicians wearing hooded robes), will be involved in unethical business deals and corrupt political decisions in the coming year and want to rid themselves of any internal guilt.

They are cremating (getting rid of) their care (morals). Though it is also argued that care represents the “cares of the world” and that the ritual has a more innocent and positive purpose. Others interpret it as members simply “letting their hair down” and partying without a “care”.


In recent years Satanism has begun to come out of the closet, with immoral festivals claiming to be “art” or “fun” or other poor excuses for attracting people to their murderous ways. As usual, sex is used as a drawing card to attract the lawless, immoral ones who do not realize how they are being trapped by their own desire to sin.

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Blog Author: Dr. Stephen Jones