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Clarifications and the Latest Divine Court Work

Jul 18, 2017

I wrote yesterday about the significance of July 9/10 being the 1335th days since November 13/14, 2013 in regard to the 9th miracle-sign of Elisha. I did not mean to imply that this sign was actually “fulfilled” in the ultimate sense. A better way to express it is to say that it came to pass in November 2013 and came to the surface in July 2017.

It is not actually “fulfilled” until the provision indicated by the sign actually arrives.

This means that I view the provision as a fact, established—as in “coming” to us—based on the same faith principle that imputes righteousness to us. God calls what is not as though it were, not because He is lying, but because it is an established truth based on a proven promise. The difference is only in the timing. Imputed righteousness normally lasts an entire lifetime before we get the actual transformation. But this imputed provision, I believe, is coming shortly.

Faith is Required

This 9th sign of Elisha is definitely different from the other signs. It is the same in a way, in that feeding 100 pastors at the lake, along with the super typhoon, is the same sort of event seen in the previous signs; however, this one involves more than observation. It requires faith to take us to the next level (the double portion).

Faith is not as easy as it sounds. It’s not like we can join a religion or denomination, so that when people ask “What faith are you?” we can tell them, “I am Lutheran,” or “I am Catholic.” That definition of faith evolved through men’s faith in the church organization, rather than their faith in Christ. But true faith is hearing what God has promised and believing that He will fulfill what He promised. We are given signs as tangible tokens to confirm the promise. Time is added to test our faith and to distinguish it from positive thinking.

The signs of Elisha began shortly after the Elisha ministry was decreed on April 12, 2009 at Manassas, Virginia. The first eight signs came in regular succession, ending July 9-15, 2010. It took faith—at least on my part—to believe that those signs were coming, because I was publishing the early signs without any human guarantee that the later signs would indeed occur. But I knew that they would occur, so I “stepped out by faith” and stated this in public, not knowing how these would manifest.

Whoever else heard the voice of the Spirit also had the same faith. The rest just observed what was happening, and as the signs began to unfold, they became more and more convinced that the signs would continue. Being convinced is not faith, but those who have faith are convinced, or assured in their hearts that this is a promise of God that will indeed come to pass. Some start out being convinced and later come to the place of faith.

I cannot say who is who in all of this. I am not the monitor of faith for everyone. I can only judge my own heart. I am on a faith walk, and if anyone wants to walk with me, they are welcome to come along for the bumpy ride. I enjoy the company! And as we walk in fellowship, I can share my understanding of the word through various books and commentaries.

The Divine Court Case July 15, 2017

There were two main events that occurred on July 15. The one I cannot publish yet, but the other was a divine court that four of us were led to present for judgment.

The case was really based on the battles of Jericho and Ai in the book of Joshua, along with my commentary in chapter 10 of Creation’s Jubilee, especially in regard to the problem with Achan. Achan took silver, gold, and a Babylonian garment for himself (Joshua 7:21) from Jericho that had been devoted to God. As a result, the camp of Israel was defiled, and 36 Israelites died in the battle of Ai (Joshua 7:5).

We have already done the Jericho work, which actually took many years to complete. The Jubilee prayer campaign (1993-2006) was based on the battle of Jericho. Then there was Operation Jericho on September 11-17, 2011, which I blogged about at the time. Five years later, on September 11, 2016, we saw the fall of Jezebel and the completion of the Jericho battle.

Our court case on July 15, 2017 was designed to overcome the problem of Achan so that we are not defeated at the battle of Ai. The name Ai means “heap of ruins,” suggesting that it received this name after the battle that destroyed the town. We do not know what the locals called the town prior to that time.

The prophetic problem with Achan was first that he wanted provision to come in an unlawful manner—by stealing from God. Secondly, he disagreed with God’s plan to devote the gold (Babylon) and silver (Persia) to His own treasury, but preferred to bury them (annihilate them) so that God would be the loser. That is what I call the Achan Doctrine. It is the opposite of the Restoration of All Things. The Elijah task, which is completed by Elisha, is to “restore all things” (Matthew 17:11). I do not think it is possible to complete the Elijah task without understanding the Restoration of All Things. Like Achan, most Christians allow most of the gold and silver of Jericho to become God’s treasure, but not all of it. Therein lies the problem.

Achan was covetous, but covetousness is rooted in fear of scarcity. Hence, the “giant” guarding the gate at Hermantown, MN was a spirit of fear, who needed to be replaced by the Power of the Flame, a seraph with a flaming sword. We were authorized to make this replacement on July 15, and that is what we did.

The Divine Court Case on July 17, 2017

When we replaced the Nephilim spirit of fear at Hermantown on July 15, we received word immediately that there would be a follow-up court case on July 17. So we watched what events would occur in the interim. On the morning of July 17, I saw the video about going to war with Russia put out by the Babylonian Broadcasting Company (BBC), and I recognized this as an attempt to spread fear among the people.

We took note that this broadcast was similar to the 1930’s radio broadcast, War of the Worlds, in which a number of people were so frightened by the supposed alien invasion that they committed suicide. The BBC certainly had to know what they were doing. No doubt they thought fear was a good thing. But in our own context, we saw it as a manifestation of the Nephilim spirit of fear.

I am told that the BBC first broadcasted this fake Russian war story on March 22, 2017. This is 3/22 in the American way of writing dates. The number 322 is the favorite number of the Skull and Bones Society, centered at Yale University. It is the core of the American Illuminati.


So we understood this broadcast as a threat from the spirit of fear which had been removed from the gate at Hermantown, MN, and by extension, from Mount Hermon, the place where the angels that sinned came down to bring forth Nephilim, or “giants” (Genesis 6:4).

Then late Monday morning, our website came under attack, as someone (or group) sent a bunch of web bots to overload the site and shut it down. Our site was shut down for a time yesterday, so if you were unable to log on to read the weblog, you now understand why. We saw this as more than a threat, because it was an actual attack.

This gave us legal cause against the spirit of fear, and hence, it set us up for the second divine court work that afternoon.

These people and spirits claim to be intelligent, but sometimes I marvel at their stupidity. Do they really believe that they can defeat God? Do they not know that their attacks only empower us by the law of victims rights? But I suppose they feel that they have to do something. Then, of course, we know that God has programmed them to do stupid things, because He intended from the beginning to give us “cause” against them. That way, we can always act within our rights, the rights spelled out by the divine law.

The bottom line is that we received legal cause to bind that Nephilim and to send him to the feet of Jesus for judgment. Previously, we only had the authority to replace him at Hermantown. But his attack gave us cause to bind him and dispose of him properly.

Even so, we discerned that we had to wait until after sundown to deal with this Nephilim. The timing was important. It had to be done the next day by Hebrew time, which began at sundown. Why? Because July 18 is the fourth day of Tabernacles. How? July is our seventh month, so July 15 is a type of the first day of Tabernacles (7/15). Hence, July 18 represents the fourth day of Tabernacles and corresponds to October 7 this year.

The fourth sign in the book of John is when Jesus fed the 5,000, which is the New Testament parallel to the 9th sign of Elisha in the Old Testament. The eight signs in John manifest the prophetic meaning and purpose of the eight days of the feast of Tabernacles. Therefore, today, July 18, is the fourth day of Tabernacles that is revealed by the fourth sign in John. Overall, these court cases are dealing with the issue of provision by multiplying the bread.

The timing of this was revealed when we came to see that the Archangel Michael was the one called to bind this particular Nephilim. But we received word that he could not be released to do so until after sundown. So at 9 pm last night (Central Time), shortly after sundown, we met through conference call and sent Michael to bind the spirit of fear.

After completing this work, it was revealed to us that Ron was the foremost target of the Nephilim at Hermantown. Ron lives just a short distance west of Duluth, Cloquet, and Hermantown. We noticed that a severe storm was moving in his direction, and that it had just reached the town of Aitkin (pronounced “Achan”). The rest of us doing the court work were secondary targets. Knowing all of this ahead of time allowed us to deal with the attack in an appropriate manner.

This summarizes the events of the past few days. We have been busy. This type of work takes time, because it is a collective effort, and the revelation comes through multiple sources. Each time we do such things, all of the participants gain valuable experience. I report on these things so that a broader group can derive knowledge from the experience of others.

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