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Political conventions

Jul 23, 2016

The Republican convention is now finished, and Donald Trump has won the nomination in spite of intense opposition from the party leadership. There was a certain amount of disunity in the party, especially when Cruz and Cuban (sore losers?) refused to go along with the majority of the delegates. If Trump wins the election, don't expect him to appoint either Cruz or Cuban to any cabinet positions.

Now we are heading into the Democratic convention, where Bernie Sanders, the other underdog will certainly lose to Hillary Clinton. Once again, Sanders was opposed by the party leadership, who plotted against him in their desire to nominate Clinton. If we thought the Republican convention was fractious, it looks like the Democratic convention will be worse.

Wikileaks has released emails from the Democratic party leaders that show their bias and dirty tricks, which are making Sanders delegates furious. One of the big issues is the Trans-Pacific Partnership Trade Agreement, which essentially puts big corporations on an equal status as the nations when it comes to trade disputes. (This is Fascism’s finest hour.) So when Hillary picked Kaine as her VP running mate, a man who not only supported TPPT but who pushed to put it on a fast track, Bernie supporters were “feeling the Burn.” Now they are threatening to cause a stink at the Democratic convention.


The USA is divided more than at any other point in history. Both parties are divided, creating conditions favorable for a third party or some other event. At this point, don’t rule out anything.

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Blog Author: Dr. Stephen Jones