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Prophecy about the Philippines

Nov 21, 2013

It appears that a prophet from India named Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj came to the Philippines in April 2013 and prophesied of a great typhoon that would strike the central part of the country soon. He named specific cities that were hit recently by Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda).

According to his website,

Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj is the founder of Jesus Ministries, a prophetic-evangelistic work which fulfills a call of God to pioneer evangelistic outreaches to people groups among whom Christ Jesus is little or never named. God's strong anointing in Brother Sadhu's life is attested by signs, wonders and miracles. Since 1979, the Lord God has taken Brother Sadhu to more than 50 nations around the world to be a witness for him.


Here is a transcript of what he said in his message, beginning at the 3-1/2 minute mark:

God is going to pour out His anointings in 7 cities of this nation like never done before anywhere else in the world. You will be the first nation and the first people in the world to receive that kind of an anointing.

 If you remember clearly… [another prophet] saw a huge menorah, and from the menorah the seven spirits of the Lord came forth, and the seven spirits of the Lord will be poured upon the Philippines, the first of its kind in the world. Because you receive like the firstfruits anointing, the punishment will also be the first of its kind in the world. Blessings first of its kind, and the punishment the first of its kind. So the plagues that will strike Pangasinan will be nothing that the world has ever seen. The skin, the flesh, and the bones will be corrupted. They melt and will rot away.

 Next, Cebu. Another peculiar disease, a plague will arise from Cebu and will spread all over the land and then spread all over the world. And Bohol. From Bohol another plague another disease will arise and spread all over the land and all over the world.

So the first is the destruction through winds. The second is the destruction through diseases. The third destruction through floods. You have experienced many floods in the history of your nation, but that which is to come has no precedent in the past… Specifically, the areas that will experience this flooding: Luzon, Samar, Leyte, and Cebu.

And some hundreds of places, small places, will experience flooding. These are destructions that will come upon your land….

As I am speaking these words, I perceive very strongly in my spirit… take this word seriously. Take your call seriously, for there has not been another nation like your nation that has received such a call as you have received. There has not been another nation like your nation where even the churches of God, the army of God, will come and be stationed in this land. The armies will be stationed in this land, and they will wage war against the enemies of God. The kingdom of God, the angels of God, the saints of God—forget about the Catholic teaching of praying to the saints; I’m not talking about that now; I’m talking about the true ministry of angels and the true ministry of saints--They will come down [to assist the army of God]….

What a great and awesome privilege you have received from the Almighty God. But at the same time, if you will fail in your calling, great will be your judgment…. 


Needless to say, his prophecy agrees with what I have been saying since June, when I went to the Philippines. More specifically, I believe that this outpouring of the Holy Spirit will begin on Mindanao, perhaps in the little town of Maitum (or even at Lake Sebu, perhaps). Also, since my plan is to establish an Asian headquarters in the Philippines, we are no doubt included in the prophecy that "the army of God will come and be stationed in this land."

In his message last April, Sadhu mentioned Samar. I brought a newspaper home from Manila, which has the headline: "Eastern Samar is gone." The opening statement reads,

"Tacloban and other parts of Leyte were not the only places severely hit by Super Typhoon Yolanda. 'Eastern Samar is gone,' Rep. Ben Everdone of the province lamented yesterday as he sought emergency assistance for his home province.... As he saw the province from a helicopter, he told himself, 'There is no more Eastern Samar province'."

Sadhu Sundhar Selvaraj reminds me of an earlier Indian prophet from the 1920's by the name of Sadhu Sundhar Singh, whose visions were translated into English and now published by Osterhus Publishing in Minneapolis. (www.osterhuspub.com). By the way, Sadhu is the title of a holy man.

Singh clearly believed that God would save all mankind, for his visions speak of men being taught by saints and angels after they have died, which enables them to come into the presence of God. Of course, the translator obviously had a problem with this, and so he occasionally inserted his own interpretation that contradicted it. Nonetheless, the translator was unable to hide Sundhar Singh's overall view.

Singh mysteriously dropped out of sight in the late 1920's, causing speculation that he withdrew into the mountains and may still be alive today. No doubt Sadhu Sundhar Selvaraj is familiar with his predecessor's writings and reputation, and perhaps he was named after him.

Whatever the case, he obviously got it right in regard to the typhoon. He believes that the Philippines will be "punished" (i.e., judged) on account of the nation's great calling to be first to receive this great outpouring of the Holy Spirit. It seems that the reason for this judgment is because the Roman Church first came to the Philippines in 1521 near where the typhoon hit land. Ferdinand Magellan was the first to travel around the world, stopping in the Philippines. He erected the first cross at Butuan on the northeast coast of Mindanao just south of Tacloban. He built the first mission in Cebu. However, he and his troops engaged in a foolish battle against Lapu-Lapu (who had refused to convert to Catholicism) that got him killed on April 27, 1421, so his companions had to finish their world tour without him.

The point is that the Church was corrupt and built upon the faulty foundation of Peter, rather than Jesus Himself. Perhaps the spiritual reason for the typhoon and the other judgments soon to come are designed to remove those earlier foundations in order to prepare for the outpouring of the Spirit and the establishment of the Kingdom Church.

Moses established the "church in the wilderness" (Acts 7:38). It was the church with the Passover anointing.

Jesus and the apostles established the second church with its Pentecostal anointing.

We are now ready for the third church with a Tabernacles anointing.

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Blog Author: Dr. Stephen Jones