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The Paradigm Shift Eastward--Part 4

Apr 11, 2013

Whether or not Solomon actually sent one of his wives and a son to Jawa (Java) to safeguard his mining interests and start a ruling dynasty is not as important as the fact that the ruling families of the East really do believe this. In their eyes it establishes a portion of their own legitimacy, calling, and destiny.

This belief goes back long before the biblical story of Solomon spread to that area of the world. It precedes the arrival of Islam as well, which had its own traditions about Solomon. There is, in fact, a reason why the islands just east of New Guinea are called the Solomon Islands. Those islands contain a very huge old gold mine that has long been abandoned. They believe it was one of Solomon’s mines.

Even the Solo River, along with the old trade city of Solo, seems to be a shortened version of Solomon.

When the Dutch traders arrived in that area four centuries ago, they soon got wind of vast treasures of gold and wanted to plunder these riches much like the Spanish did in Peru. In later years the Spanish fought the Dutch for control. Spain eventually got control of the northern part of the Philippines, but they lost it to the Americans after the Spanish-American War (1898), along with Guam, Puerto Rico, and Cuba.

Although the southern part of the Philippines, including the largest island of Mindanao, had never been conquered by Spain, that area was included in the territory ceded to America. It was not theirs to give, but America saw its opportunity and took it. Hence, after World War II, when the Philippines was given independence, the new nation included all of the southern islands. It was not long before an insurgency began (1960’s), as the Islamic Moro people claimed that they had been unlawfully annexed.

(Forgive my digression, but this is of particular interest to me, since I lived on Mindanao from 1953-1963 as a missionary kid. I was told by Philippine pastors years ago that Mindanao means The Land of Promise. I believe that its name will prove to be prophetic in some way. Every prophecy has its time at some point in history.)

In the early 1900’s China made an agreement with top bankers to finance a central bank, which we now know as the Federal Reserve. The Chinese thought they were doing us a favor, but it seems that the actual bankers saw it as an opportunity to create a money monopoly. China provided much gold to back the currency, but within 50 years the bankers began to print far more money than they could back with gold.

The main story really started in 1921 when Japan’s emperor Hirohito visited Europe. It was the first such visit of a Japanese emperor in history. The visit was much more than a public relations tour, although this was how it was presented to the public. He was there to participate in a new pact between nations known as the Trilateral Tripartite Triennium (TTT) Pact.

Coming in the wake of World War 1, the TTT was essentially a plan to pool the gold of all nations into a single account through a secret world financial system. The argument was that when individual nations held gold, other nations would try to steal it by finding a pretext for war. The theory was that if the gold were in a single location, defended by all the nations, no single nation would be able to steal it. And so war would become a thing of the past. World War 1 itself was billed as “the war to end all wars,” because they were already planning to pool the world’s gold under the care of the new Federal Reserve Bank.

And so in 1930  the Bank of International Settlements was established. It was a bank that would settle accounts in gold for international trade. Nations could pay their bills without having to ship gold around the world. Their gold accounts in the BIS could simply be altered to reflect the payment.

This plan might have worked very well, if it had not been for the human greed factor. Nations might be prevented from stealing the gold by war, but the bankers themselves had already devised a plan to steal it legally.

A second problem was that no one knew exactly how much gold the Dragon families owned. Even though they gave a huge amount into the new system, the bankers knew that they still had a large amount hidden somewhere in China, Indonesia, and other secret locations. And so it was decided that Japan should play the role as Collector.

It is said that World War 2 was decided at the TTT meeting in 1921, even as they were touting the first Word War as “the war to end all wars.” And so after the BIS was established on January 30, 1930, Japan invaded Manchuria in northern China in search of Chinese gold. The invasion began September 19, 1931, and they set up a puppet state known as Manchukuo, which lasted until the end of World War 2.

For the next 14 years, Japanese armies stormed Southeast Asia and the South Pacific, stripping all nations of its wealth. They even made house-to-house searches for gold, silver, gems, and any other items of value. When they took control of the Philippines, it became the staging ground for all of this gold, as the gold from Southeast Asia was sent to the Philippines, where General Yamashita recorded it and sent it by ship to Japan.

These shipments lasted until the American navy recovered from its disaster at Pearl Harbor and began to block the shipping lanes to Japan. At that point the Japanese began to bury the gold in many caves in the Philippines. While some of these caves were found later by Philippine President Marcos, most of the gold has never been recovered.

In 1986 Marcos was overthrown with the help of the CIA, whose interest was to steal his warehouses full of Yamashita gold.

Meanwhile, in the 1930’s, the Japanese invasion of China had its desired effect, for it alarmed China’s President, Chiang Kai-shek, along with the Dragon families themselves. Many shiploads of gold were sent to the Federal Reserve for “safe keeping,” for they seemed unaware that Japan was only doing the bidding of the bankers themselves.

Of course, interest-bearing bonds were issued in exchange for the gold, because these shipments were not donations, but loans. Many of the bonds were known as Morgenthau bonds, many being dated from 1934-1938. The bankers had no intention of allowing those bonds to be redeemed after 60 years, and so they took steps to make them look fake. They used misprints and misspelled words, such as “Fedral” instead of Federal.

Of course, most of this gold was not put into the public record, for the new system was set up as a two-tier financial system—one for the public and the other for the super wealthy bankers of Mystery Babylon. This secret economy became known as the “Shadow Banking System.”

Even before World War 2 had ended, the rulers of Mystery Babylon met at Bretton Woods, New Hampshire in 1944, where they agreed to replace the British pound with the US dollar as the medium of international trade. They also expanded the original TTT plan. The gold that had been pooled in the BIS and the Federal Reserve account was called the International Collateral Combined Accounts and the “trustee” was Indonesia’s first President, Dr. Soekarno, in 1947.

Indonesia had become independent in 1945 at the end of World War 2. When Soekarno was appointed custodian of the Collateral Accounts, he worked tirelessly to promote world peace, prosperity, and independence for the European colonies, according to the mandate given to him.


The Collateral Accounts were supposed to be used to rebuild the nations after World War 2, but the reconstruction focused primarily upon European countries and their allies. Few of the funds were used to build the third world countries, except as it might benefit Western interests. Then the beginning of the “Cold War” in the mid-1950’s diverted these funds toward the new arms race (US vs. the Soviet Union). It was not long before it was clear that the funds were being used to enrich what President Eisenhower called “the military-industrial complex.”


President Soekarno soon discussed this with US President John Kennedy, and they decided to do something about it. Because the US dollar was bound to the supply of gold by the Bretton Woods Agreement, there were not enough dollars to meet the needs of world trade. Industry and trade had boomed in the years after World War 2, but much of the dollar supply had gone to the multi-national corporations and private banks.

In 1963 the gold entrusted to President Soekarno was recalled by the UN to support the creation of more US dollars for world trade. With gold in short supply, Kennedy issued his Executive Order 11110 on June 4, 1963, giving the US Treasury the power “to issue silver certificates against any silver bullion, silver or standard silver dollars in the Treasury”—essentially bypassing the Federal Reserve’s monopoly on the creation of money. In all, Kennedy’s order created $4.3 billion of new silver-backed money. The bankers were not happy.

The following November, Soekarno and Kennedy met in Geneva at the Green Hilton, where they signed the Green Hilton Agreement on November 14, 1963. Soekarno was to provide tons of silver and gold to back the US dollar. Within two weeks, Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas. Virtually everyone in the White House believed that the Federal Reserve had given the orders to assassinate the President, but they were helpless to do anything about it.

President Johnson was sworn in, and he immediately rescinded Executive Order 11110. The bankers denied that the Green Hilton Agreement ever took place and even forged some fraudulent copies of the Agreement to discredit the real one.

We should also add that Kennedy had decided not to escalate the war in Vietnam, and had he lived, America would not have become bogged down in that war for the next decade. His decision, however, caused him to lose the Vatican’s support and protection, for the Vatican had pushed France, and later the US, to protect its interests in keeping Vietnam in its Catholic sphere of influence. Without the protection of the Vatican, the first Catholic President was vulnerable to the Federal Reserve’s wrath.

Soekarno himself was soon deposed in 1967 with the help of the CIA, and he died in 1970. When he died, his son, Dr. Edy Soekanto became the heir and trustee for the Collateral Accounts passed to his son. But these assets were tied up in 30-year bonds, and so little could be done to reclaim the assets from the Federal Reserve until the 1990’s. According to Neil Keenan, Edy was given until 1998 to do this, but Keenan says that he failed to do so.


Nonetheless, it has been reported that in 1999 a lawsuit was won in the World Court on behalf of the Dragon families, ordering the Federal Reserve to give up the gold that it owed by September 11, 2001. The legal records were kept in the offices of Cantor-Fitzgerald in the World Trade Center, all of which were destroyed on 911.

The Dragon families then learned just how vicious these bankers were and how far they were willing to go to remain in power and to retain the gold that they had stolen. Hence, they began to reformulate their plans and to allow more time for China to grow in economic and military strength. The next ten years of increasing financial freedom would see multitudes of Chinese move from bicycles to automobiles.

The next ten years will witness China’s political changes, as the people are gradually given more freedom. Ironically, the new Chinese freedom is coinciding with increased bondage to the Federal Reserve here in America. It reminds me of what happened in Russia during the 1990’s, where Christian educational books were in high demand for the Russian schools, while at the same time the US government was continuing to remove God from all public life.

The irony is evident. Mystery Babylon is showing her true colors, as more and more people are seeing that the American Republic founded over 200 years ago is not the same as the American Democracy that replaced the Republic after the bankers foreclosed on the nation in 1933.

At the same time, however, Mystery Babylon’s days are numbered in Jeremiah and Daniel. Isaiah gives us the divine plan for the Kings of the East, who are destined to be the tools in God’s hand to set the earth free from Babylon, and ultimately to lay the foundations for the Stone Kingdom of Daniel 2:35.

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