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What's going on prophetically?

Feb 20, 2012

Last week America played host to China's Vice President, Xi Jinping, who is expected to become the next president of China in the coming year. He was here four days, finally leaving after a Lakers game in Los Angeles Friday night.

High officials like this do not come just for social visits. You can be sure that he came to sign some papers that had been carefully worked out by all of the lower-level diplomats for the past months--or even years. Whatever happened is now official, because he said so.

The Chinese leader told the students his meetings this week with Biden and Obama have been "very fruitful."

"I can now say my visit to the United States has been a full success," he said.


Full success? What was successful? His visit to an Iowa farm where he lived 25 year ago? The Lakers game? The trade agreement with California? The discussion of "human rights?" I don't think so. The fact that he was here from Feb. 13-17 connects it with our watch dates (Feb. 14/15 is Second Passover manifestation) and may have something to do with the Feb. 19th watch date as well.

Some of these watch dates just have to wait for a later time when we can observe the results of the political meetings that are kept secret from the public. But I do believe that something did happen on February 19 which is yet to come to the surface.

I noticed something else as well in regard to our 76-day watch dates.

Background: Every Prophetic Year begins with 2 periods of 76 days (of cleansing) shortly after the previous Feast of Tabernacles has ended. This year our revealed beginning point for the Prophetic Year ahead was November 11, 2011. From that date, the watch dates fall on January 26 and April 11, 2012.

Once in a while, we see multiple beginning points for the Prophetic Year. I believe that this is one of those times. If we use October 31, 2011 as our starting date, the 76th day from then falls on January 14, the date that the Costa Concordia sank. If we calculate the next 76-day period, it comes to March 31, which is when we will be meeting in Manassas, VA for our Passover meetings with Stone Kingdom Ministries.

Why would October 31 be important? It was a significant date for me, because that night I was confronted by a man who objected to my teaching on the Restoration of All Things. It was obvious that he had been informed of the FACT of my belief, but knew nothing of the actual biblical basis of that belief. I listened attentively to what he had to say, because he believed that he was doing the "Matthew 18" thing, telling me my faults (18:15).

What he did not realize was that I had been watching that date for many months. It was a "Hezekiah Factor" watch date, where I expected to see the event from 10 years earlier pop to the surface. On the night of Oct. 31, 2001, we started a prayer campaign that lasted two weeks, ending on November 14. It was the culmination of many prayer campaigns throughout that year.

So ten years later, I had been expecting to see results, beginning with the night of October 31, 2011. The confrontation that occurred right on schedule revealed something about the conflict from the prayer battle ten years earlier. In fact, we had known even in 2001 that it had to do with the idea of the Restoration of All Things, because we had been led to decree on behalf of the Divine Court that men's eyes would be opened to this Truth.

For this reason, October 31, 2011 was a watch date, and I had thought perhaps it might be the start of the new Prophetic Year. However, the Lord did not confirm this at the time. I see now that His silence was due to more hidden events that were directly related to the prayer campaign ten years earlier.

But consider this: Oct. 31 was about the idea of Restoration (or Reconciliation) of All Things, which are expressed in the peace offerings in Scripture. Sin offerings bring Justification; peace offerings bring Reconciliation (Rom. 5:9-11). Then on the 76th day, we saw the Costa Concordia sink. Concordia means "peace, harmony, concord." This is obviously a secondary event that is linked to that of Oct. 31, when the confrontation manifested the problem of discord and disharmony.

Having won the battle ten years ago, however, I can say with confidence that concord will be achieved in the end. We have already begun to see evidence of this, but it will take time. It will be interesting to watch what happens March 31 at the conference in Manassas.

On a broader level, the prayer campaign ten years ago resulted in "Satan Bound." How is this manifesting now? Events are happening that will bind the satanic system of Mystery Babylon. For this reason, it is no coincidence that the Costa Concordia cruise liner was named to represent European peace, concord, and harmony. The decks of the ship were named for the various countries of "European Union" (EU). Even the EU Parliament building was designed to resemble the painting by Peter Brueghel of the Tower of Babylon.


The EU is an attempt to attain unity by the power of the carnal minds of men apart from Jesus Christ. Unity, peace, and concord are all very good ideas, but in the end they will fail unless they are based upon biblical law. Jesus Christ must be the recognized Heir of the World Order in order to succeed. The EU, then, will fail for the same reason that the Tower of Babel failed to unify mankind.

And so, since October 31, 2011 we have entered a time of great change insofar as the world system is concerned. What has been called The New World Order is really just the Old World Order. The REAL New World Order is pictured as a Stone in Daniel 2:35, which is destined to grow until it fills the whole earth. It is the Kingdom of God.

My question is why did God not reveal this particular starting point for the Prophetic Year at the time that it began? What was there to hide? Why was it secret? Certainly, I was on alert for that day because of the 10-year pattern. It just seems unusual to me, and this makes me sit up and take notice.

And then James Bruggeman was unable to book the Passover conference in Manassas for April 6-8, which would have been at the actual time of Passover. He ended up booking it for the week end prior to Passover, March 30 to April 1, which means we will be at the conference at the end of the second 76-day period (March 31). Is this all just coincidence? I don't think so. I smell a prophetic pattern.

The point is that Mystery Babylon is not the only one with secrets. God seems to be hiding some things that normally would not require any real secrecy.

This year is very interesting.

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Blog Author: Dr. Stephen Jones