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Update on Watch Dates

Feb 15, 2012

I last gave an update on watch dates on January 31.


I wrote that the next watch dates were February 10, 14/15, and 19. I based this on the revelation from two years ago about January being a prophetic Passover month. The tenth of the month is the day of the selection of the lambs, the 14th is when the lambs were killed, and the 15th was the actual day of Passover--all on the Hebrew calendar. So we expected to see some signs of Passover on our own Western calendar on the same days.

Hence, if January is a prophetic Passover month for watch days, then February is a prophetic month for the Second Passover (as per Numbers 9:9-11.

(Sorry to repeat this background material, but we always have new readers, as well as old readers who may need a reminder.)

On January 14 the Costa Concordia cruise liner sank off the coast of Italy after hitting a reef. We took note that the ship was a symbol of European concord (peace), as its decks were named after European countries. Hence, we learned that the revelation of this prophetic Passover time has to do with the European Union itself coming apart, due to debts that cannot be paid.

A month later, when viewing the Second Passover signs in February, we note that on Feb. 10 (lamb selection day), riots in Athens saw about 40 buildings burned, after the Parliament passed an austerity package the previous day. The austerity package was demanded by the European nations as a pre-condition for bailout funds that would pay off the creditors for debts coming due on March 20.

The riots have put the implementation of Parliament's austerity package in doubt, so the EU has withheld its bailout until it sees some guarantees. But with the Greek suicide rate up 40% and people threatening to jump out of the high-rise windows, and one man even setting himself on fire in front of a bank, it is only getting more difficult to implement. Further, Greek elections are only a couple of months away, and the members of Parliament who voted for the austerity package are likely to be booted out of office. Democracy could, then, spell the demise of the EU as well as Democracy itself.

These signs do not appear to have any DIRECT bearing on the revaluation of the Iraqi dinar. But indirectly, it may have everything to do with it. It appears that this revaluation was supposed to be the savior of the world financial system, as it would infuse a fresh supply of cash into debt-stricken nations. That seems to have been the original Bush plan in the early 1990's, when the top bankers calculated that the monetary policies of Mystery Babylon would reach critical mass.

That is the point where so much money has been taken off the streets by debt payments, and then hidden by the big banks in offshore accounts by shady bookkeeping practices, that it causes a shortage of money on the street. That shortage causes a recession or depression on the street, even while the big money men have trillions of dollars or more locked up in their vaults.

We thus have a strange situation where too much money is being created--causing "inflation"--and yet there is not enough money in circulation, causing a depression. The result is that prices go up, while incomes go down.

The dinar was supposed to infuse a fresh supply of money to the streets of America, via those who have invested in the dinar, so that the defaults on home mortgages would slow down. The banks know that as long as the Babylonian system remains in place, any extra money on the street will eventually flow up to the banks via interest on loans.

The plan began to fall apart when China, backed by an increasing number of nations, began to demand a new financial system. The disagreement has frozen the implementation of the plan until they can decide whether to bail out Babylon or to use the dinar to help fund a new system. It will either bail out the Federal Reserve Notes or replace them with new U.S. Treasury Notes.

China's Vice President (and soon to be President) is now visiting Washington D.C. for four days. These high-level talks are quite possibly the point where a final agreement is being reached in this regard.


"Much of Xi's visit will be in the company of Vice President Joe Biden, who went to China as Xi's guest in August."

Biden has been the main government spokesman overseeing the Iraqi dinar. Of course, news accounts as to what these men are discussing normally reveal only superficial items. The real discussions remain secret. But when Xi Jinping takes over as Party Chairman this year and then takes over the government after that, watch for some really major changes in China.

Meanwhile, getting back to the revelation of the Second Passover in February, I did not expect to see the revaluation of the dinar on Feb. 14 or 15. Even though these dates are to be watched, they were not really "barley" dates, so they did not connect with the 9th sign of Elisha (2 Kings 4:42-44). Yet we now see that these dates are important because of Xi Jinping's visit to Washington.

Our final watch date this month is Sunday, Feb. 19, as this would coincide with the barley wave-sheaf offering for the Second Passover. Being a "barley" date, we may see the revaluation occur at that time. If not, then I see no other possible dates until April or May.

I also mentioned that Feb. 5 was a watch date, because it was 576 days after July 9, 2010, when we had seen the 8th sign of Elisha. On that date we cast barley into the headwaters of the Mississippi River as a prophetic solution to the oil well gushing crude oil into the Gulf of Mexico. It was then capped 144 hours later on July 15.

The number 576 is 4 x 144 (or 2 x 288), and it is also the numeric value of:

"wells of salvation"
"Messiah the Prince"
"The way of holiness"
"He shall appear in His glory"

I am reminded of Malachi 3:1, speaking of the Messiah suddenly appearing in His Temple. This was also seen in John 7:14, when Jesus showed Himself unexpectedly in the Temple in the middle of the feast of Tabernacles.

We can apply this theme to either Feb. 5 or Feb. 10/11. On Feb. 5 we saw Madonna's Temple performance; on Feb. 11 we saw the performance of Niki Minaj and the Exorcism of Roman at the Grammy Awards. These two satanic rituals manifest the problem we have in America as pictured in the 8th and 9th signs of Elisha. The 8th sign is about overcoming "death in the cauldron," and the 9th is bringing life out of death.

When the Messiah appears in His temple (Mal. 3:1-4), it is the time of the Refiner's Fire which purifies "the sons of Levi." Levi has a numeric value of 46 (same as "temple," Feb. 5), and on Feb. 10 we saw the burning of Athens. It appears that these are early prophetic types of a soon-coming refining process.

It is yet unclear if this will include the revaluation of the Iraqi dinar, or, if so, just how it fits. But let us watch Feb. 19 for further clues. Meanwhile, if anyone is in the market for purchasing dinar, call Brother Vinnie at 1-850-255-1000. He obtains them from the UK, because most domestic sources have dried up.

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