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The Happy Prisoner

Feb 18, 2012


Leader of Buena Park ministry recalls time in prison


Here is an article from 2007 about a good friend of mine, William Sultzer, "The Happy Prisoner." He has a very interesting testimony, because it took jail time to bring him to God. His ministry is to help inmates and potential inmates by reversing the root causes of getting in trouble with the law.

He has been able to place 5,000 of his books in various prisons in California and has received thousands of letters from inmates who were greatly helped by his understanding. It is his hope that he would be able to place these books in prisons throughout America and perhaps other places around the world as well. But, of course, crime prevention is the best route, so the general public should be aware of the things that he has to say.

If you are interested in getting his book, look at the information at the end of the news article. The only update is his telephone number. It is now changed to: 714-345-5114.

Also note that the email link given does not seem to work. You can reach William at:

[email protected]

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