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Superbowl Prophecies

Feb 06, 2012

We have noticed for many years that God enjoys sports and especially likes to insert His word into these games.

This year was a virtual repeat of four years ago when the Giants beat the Patriots. Four years ago it was Superbowl #42, and the number had to do with Israel's 42nd encampment when they camped in the plains of Jericho. This year it was Superbowl #46, which has to do with "temple." (In the New Testament, the Greek word naos, "temple," occurs 46 times.)

Four years ago we wondered if the "giants" were the good guys or the bad guys. Recall that there were giants in the land, which the Israelites had to overcome. However, we also took note from Num. 14:9 that those giants are "bread for us." In other words, as Ron would say, giants are the breakfast of champions.

And we are what we eat.

So four years ago we saw the victory of the Giants in a good light, prophetically speaking. That was the year 2008, which would see the collapse of Jericho-Babylon later in September of that year. That was when Lehman Brothers collapsed; and AIG, Fannie Mae, and Freddie Mac all went bankrupt and had to be bailed out. For the first time in history, the people became the creditors, overturning the "tables" of the moneychangers.

So now we are seeing Superbowl 46 with its theme of the temple. During the half-time show, Madonna was carried in like an Egyptian goddess in a temple full of priests and nuns. The Egyptian theme was appropriate, seeing as how January and February are "prophetic Passover" months. Perhaps it is time to come out of Egypt.

I suspect also that Madonna, with her dicey reputation, represents Rahab, the harlot. Rahab is also recognized to be a symbolic name for Egypt (Psalm 87:4).

Under other circumstances, Patriots could represent good guys, of course. It all depends on what God intends to portray at any given time. So this should not offend anyone who wanted the Patriots to win. It is just that the results themselves give us the interpretation, even though before the game we might be able to see it go either way. Of course, the fact that the witches of New England were in support of the Patriots in last month's game against Denver didn't help them with their prophetic image this year.

Ron sees the Giants in terms of Tommy Hicks' vision of July 25, 1961. He saw America as a sleeping giant that is about to be AWAKENED. He saw the Giants as the G.I.ants, "the army of the Lord."


This year 2012, we believe, is the Year of the Awakening. It appears that the Giants' victory is an indication of this Awakening, even as four years ago it indicated the fall of Jericho-Babylon.

Keep in mind also that the Superbowl occurred on February 5, 2012, which was 576 days after July 9, 2010.

This is 2 x 288 or 4 x 144 days from the time we cast barley meal into the headwaters of the Mississippi River in order to counter the Gulf oil spill. The well was then capped 144 hours later on July 15, 2010. For this reason, Feb. 5 was one of our watch dates, which I posted last week.


We don't know yet if we will see a second event occur 6 days after the Superbowl on Feb. 11. Nonetheless, at least Feb. 5 is connected to the barley by the well-established number (144). And because the beginning of this cycle on July 9-15, 2010 marked the time of the eighth sign of Elisha in 2 Kings 4:41, it is quite possible that we might see the 9th sign occur on Feb. 11. We already mentioned Feb. 10 as a watch date, so to this we need to add Feb. 11.

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Blog Author: Dr. Stephen Jones