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More on Madonna's Half Time Show

Feb 07, 2012


Here is an interesting commentary that can be read in a few minutes. It shows that Madonna's show was meant to be a religious experience depicting the ancient Mystery religions. She was dressed up as Ishtar at one point, from which we get the term "Easter." That alone makes it a counterfeit of the wave-sheaf offering that the church renamed Easter.

This occurred on Feb. 5, which was our watch date connected to barley and the signs of Elisha. She was essentially counterfeiting a true biblical feast day, and every counterfeit prophecies of that which is true and real.

Keep in mind also that the winning quarterback for the Giants was Eli Manning, whose full name is actually Elisha Manning. So the Superbowl showed signs of both Elisha and barley, as we had expected.

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Category: Commentary
Blog Author: Dr. Stephen Jones