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Geithner ignores subpoena in Lehman Bros. lawsuit vs JP Morgan

Feb 25, 2012

Remember the collapse of Lehman Brothers back in September of 2008? It was a watershed moment in financial history. JP Morgan's shady role in this collapse appears to have been done with the blessing (or instructions) of Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner. They say that the collapse was caused by an $8 Billion last-minute transfer of money from Lehman to JPM, leaving all of the Lehman shareholders holding an empty bag.


The creditors’ committee representing what’s left of Lehman Brothers asked bankruptcy Judge James Peck last week to force Timothy Geithner (left) — currently Obama’s Treasury Secretary but President of the New York Fed at the time of the Lehman Brothers’ bankruptcy — to answer some questions. The original subpoena issued by the committee to Geithner to appear last August was ignored and so the committee appealed to Judge Peck.

The committee claims that Geithner played a pivotal role in Lehman’s collapse and may have “unique” knowledge about a last-minute transfer of some $8 billion out of Lehman to JPMorgan just before that collapse. Lehman is suing JPMorgan in an attempt to get that money back and Geithner’s testimony is crucial. Time is running out: The discovery period for the committee ends on March 16.

March 16 is the final day of a 414 x 16 day cycle from January 27, 1994. This is when we held our prayer campaign called "His Fulness." It was "Part 2" after our Jubilee Prayer Campaign from Nov. 21-29, 1993.

His Fulness was a prayer campaign from Jan. 27-30, 1994. If we count the days by 414-day cycles, we find that the 16th cycle ends March 20. This is the day that Greece will either default on bonds that are due, or get its promised bailout to keep it afloat for a few more months.

March 20 is also the anniversary of the 2003 invasion of Iraq, the so-called "Shock-n-Awe" (spelled in Hebrew, Shekinah).

These are watch dates for the month of March.

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