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Analysis of Lord Blackheath's speech

Feb 21, 2012


For those of you who want to see a closer analysis of this Feb. 16th speech, here is a good source. The full text is first transcribed, and then it is broken apart and analyzed in red type.

Here is the analyst's conclusion at the end:

Okay so in closing we have to remember:

Blackheath has laid out a full report on his investigations and is asking parliment to step in and set up a committee to look into this.

Hardly anyone from parliament stayed to listen to him – wonder why.

Riyadi says he was scammed and did not take 500M for his 15T in Treasury Notes – Who would?

The Federal Reserve has 15T to loan on books from the Riyadi transfer so it does a loan to Barlcays Bank of London and the Royal bank of Scotland of London

Blackheath does some unearthing and produces original copies of documents supporting his claims of this money transfer.

Money could not have been transferred through IMF if guidelines were followed and Treasury is not aware of this kind of transfer yet receipts for this transfer are real.

No one seems to know where the money is but it is on the books an potentially undermining London’s banking system and being used as leverage for a payout – to who is the question – the Federal Reserve????

Some things to ponder. Just last week a CEO of Royal Bank of Scotland resigns. The IMF director was replaced by Christine Lagarde not long ago. Iran just stopped sales of oil to the UK. It is suggested that the UK and the Federal Reserve have a relationship deeper than a mother and a daughter. Put this together with the fact that this is just one of how many of these that have or are going on and you might now know why so many bankers are resigning. Fraud is being exposed and arrests are happening all over the globe as we speak…….. Most importantly, if Riyadi was frauded and wanted to turn in his 15T for cash out immediately, who would be bankrupt overnight? Who would own the US?

Hope this helps you understand some of what 6th floor has been doing for a while now and is still doing. It is a major house cleaning going on and had to be done before our RV. Otherwise the bad guys would have the ability to further their agenda with the RV windfall – ain’t gonna happen. You have yet to hear the names of the US folks that are going down and soon…….You will be surprised!!!!

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