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Watching November 21-29

Nov 20, 2011

It is clear now that the events this month since October 31 go deeper and farther back than I had anticipated. We are not only in a 10-year cycle that sees results from the prayer campaign 10 years ago, but we also must take this back 18 years and even 30 years back.

When we see conflicts being resolved that go back farther in history, it indicates that there are deeper and more fundamental problems being resolved along with the surface issues.

It is now November 20, and we are about to enter the time frame of Nov. 21-29 (along with the 30th). This goes back 18 years to the Jubilee Prayer Campaign in 1993, when the Overcomers laid claim to the authority over the earth. Because of sin, this authority had been transferred from the kings of Judah to the kings of Babylon, Persia, Greece, Rome, and the "little horn" as Daniel foretold.

John expounds upon this in Revelation 13, showing that the "little horn" was actually two horns: (1) the religious beast from the sea, and (2) the banking beast from the earth.

The religious beast had a time frame of 1260 "days" (actually, years) which lasted from 529-1789, ending with the French Revolution. Then the beast from the earth began to arise through the power of Rothschild banking. A century later, this money power made it possible to fund the idea of Zionism, by which the Israeli state was finally established in 1948.

The UN resolution to partition Palestine was introduced on Nov. 21, 1947 and debated until its passage on Nov. 29.

Then, according to the time given to them in John 2:20, they had 46 years in which to build their carnal temple of Herod--the king who was half Edomite and half Judahite. This 46-year period ended on Nov. 21-29, 1993. Hence, we knew by this and other revelations that we were to begin our prayer campaign at that time.

To understand the fuller background of this, you will have to read my book, The Struggle for the Birthright. Isaac had prophesied that Jacob would have to return the birthright to Esau at some point in history, in order to allow Esau time to prove himself unworthy. This was fulfilled in the Israeli state. When they reached the end of their 46 years without repenting, and without building a true temple with its foundation being Jesus Christ, then the time came for the overcomers to make the appeal in the Divine Court.

The overcomers won their case, but Edom still refused to give it up. Running parallel to this, Babylon too refused to give up power. So we ended up in a situation similar to when Israel took the land of Canaan by force of arms. Canaan's time had run out after 2 x 414 years since Canaan was put under the curse of Noah in Gen. 9. Yet they refused to abide by the decision of the Divine Court to relinquish authority over the land. Hence, Israel had to enforce the divine decree by means of war.

Just because their time was up did not mean that they would relinquish power voluntarily. In fact, God told Jeremiah that Babylon would refuse to let Judah go, and as a consequence, God Himself would become their Redeemer. We know from history that He hired the Persians to overthrow Babylon in order to force the issue.

The same was true in 1993, except that we engaged in spiritual warfare, rather than relying upon carnal means. Babylon's time was up after 70 + 10 years (since the end of 1913). Likewise, the Judah-Edom mixed nation had proven itself unworthy for 46 years. And so we represented the overcomers in the Divine Court, making our appeal to God to receive the birthright inheritance. We won our case on Nov. 29, 1993 when the divine verdict was rendered.

It has now been nearly 18 years. The number 18 is the number of bondage or oppression. During that time, the first 13 years were taken up in the "Jericho march" around Babylon 13 times. When that ended in October 2006, God began a new work in raising up an Elisha company. This was established April 12, 2009, and we began to see the first 8 signs of Elisha come to pass in the world.

The 8th sign ended July 9-15, 2010, and we then entered an interim period before the double portion of signs would begin (i.e., the 9th sign to the 16th sign). Recall that Elisha received the double portion from Elijah, and that Elijah manifested 8 signs, while Elisha manifested 16.

On Nov. 11-17, 2011 we completed 490 days since the 8th sign of Elisha. I had thought that we could see the 9th sign (dinar revaluation) occur during that time. It is possible that this did actually happen--if rumors are to be believed--but if so, the banks are closed today. We may see it come to the surface as early as tomorrow, Nov. 21. Yet realize that the time frame coming up at this point in time is Nov. 21-29. Since the divine verdict was not given until Nov. 29, 1993, we may not be there yet.

I am also aware that this cycle goes back 30 years to November 1981, when I was called into this present work of ministry. The first 12 years were my wilderness training period, as the Lord had revealed as early as June of 1982. Shortly after my 12 years were accomplished (Nov. 12, 1981 to Nov. 12, 1993), we engaged in the Jubilee Prayer Campaign, beginning Nov. 21, 1993.

In a sense, I was reborn in 1981. In that sense, I am now 30 years of age. As a typesetter--first by trade and later by calling--this tends to establish timing far beyond my personal life. This makes me watchful of events this month, particularly in the coming week.

So I will be watching Nov. 21-29, along with the 30th, expecting some major events to occur. I don't want to be too rigid in my opinions as to how these past events are to play out this next week, but I have no doubt that this will prove to be very significant.

Let me say too that I have no specific revelation of "Thus saith the Lord" about this. If I get such revelation, I will quote it in BOLD TYPE. I am only saying that I see some activity in the spirit by which God is preparing to move in a significant way. From what I have seen in the past, combined with my present understanding of how God uses time cycles in His plan, I am experiencing some level of excitement and anticipation.

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Blog Author: Dr. Stephen Jones