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The prophetic effects of ungodly unity--Part 2

Nov 05, 2011

So far, I have only summarized the effects of Edom's unity with the evil figs of Judah. Judah was lawfully unable to inherit Palestine under the name of Judah, because the Law of Tribulation forbade this apart from ending their hostility against Jesus Christ. However, they succeeded in their Zionistic purpose because of the presence of Esau-Edom.

God still owed Esau what was due to him on account of his appeal for justice when Jacob stole his birthright in Genesis 27. On account of Esau, then, God allowed the Jewish State to be established and even to claim for itself the birthright name Israel.

The effects of unity between Edom and Judah in 126 B.C. are clearly seen in 1948. The Zionists benefited because their plan was allowed by God in spite of the Law of Tribulation.

Furthermore, it was necessary that the actual descendants of Jacob be the ones who would give back the land to Esau. For this reason, God allowed Britain to gain control of Palestine and Jerusalem in 1917 toward the end of World War 1. Britain's flag is called "Union Jack," which is a contraction for the name Jacob. In fact, even the name Brit-ain is Hebrew for Covenant Land, and Brit-ish is Hebrew for Covenant People.

So the grand parable saw Jacob take control of Palestine in 1917 in order to give it back to Esau in 1948.

Likewise, on a secondary level, the Church also represents Jacob. Jacob was the deceiver and usurper who had not yet learned sufficient faith to be an Israelite overcomer. Jacob had a measure of faith, but thought God needed help from the arm of flesh. In that way, Jacob foreshadowed the carnal side of the Church. Only the overcomers are true Israelites.

So while God used Britain to represent political Jacob, God also used the carnal Church to represent religious Jacob in returning the birthright to Esau in 1948. It was thus necessary for God to blind the church, so that it would support the Israeli state as a representative of Jacob.

But what about Togarma? How did Togarma's conversion to Judaism in 740 A.D. affect history in the modern world? First of all, though Togarma converted to Judaism voluntarily, they joined themselves to the wrong fig tree. Hence, their conversion did not benefit them from God's point of view, as they were grafted into a dead tree apart from Jesus Christ.

Togarma, Gomer, Magog, Rosh, Meshech, and Tubal, were all part of the "invasion" prophecy of Ezekiel 38 and 39. Most prophecy teachers of the past century have assumed that these names represent Russia or the Soviet Union. Once again, it is a case of mistaken identity, based on the God-induced blindness of "Isaac."

King Joseph's letter to the Jewish doctor from Cordova, Spain, written about 960 A.D., shows that these converts to Judaism were descended specifically from Togarma. This case of ungodly unity brought the prophesied enemies of Israel into the Jewish camp. Hence, the prophecies of Ezekiel 38 and 39 would be fulfilled, not in Russia, but in Russian Jewry. That branch is known as the Ashkenazim, named after Togarmah's brother Ashkenaz (Gen. 10:3).

"Although in the 11th century, they composed only three percent of the world's Jewish population, at their peak in 1931, Ashkenazi Jews accounted for 92 percent of the world's Jews. Today they make up approximately 80 percent of Jews worldwide....

"References to Ashkenaz in Yosippon and Hasdai ibn Shaprut's letter to the king of the Khazars would date the term as far back as the 10th century, as would also Saadia Gaon's commentary on Daniel 7:8."


We see, then, that today about 80% of world Jewry are Ashkenazim--that is, Jewish converts from Togarma and family. Knowing this changes one's entire perspective on Ezekiel 38 and 39. It shows that this invasion of "the mountains of Israel" was fulfilled, not by Russian troops, but by an Ashkenazic immigration to Palestine. It was conquest by immigration.

Yet there is also a secondary fulfillment of these Ezekiel chapters, because there is more than one Israel in the world. The Jews pretend to be physical Israelites, when in fact the nations having European origins are the actual physical Israelites. (The third group of Israelites, who are actually the inheritors of the birthright, are the overcomers.) Hence, we find that the descendants of Togarma (Ashkenaz) have also virtually taken over the governments of the West as well as Palestine.

So this Ezekiel invasion has taken place in more than one place. It was not limited to Palestine. In fact, Ezekiel 38:11, 12 could not possibly be applicable to Palestine:

(11) and you will say, "I will go up against the land of unwalled villages. I will go against those who are at rest, that live securely, all of them living without walls, and having no bars or gates, (12) to capture spoil and to seize plunder..."

The Israeli state has never been secure apart from walls, bars, and gates. In fact, a few years ago they found it necessary to build the second longest wall in the world. The only longer wall is the Great Wall of China.


Their immigration to America in the late 1800's gave the most powerful men among them the ability to "capture spoil and to seize plunder." This was accomplished by the greatest plunder weapon of all time--the Federal Reserve Bank. Certainly, not all of its owners are from Togarma, but the majority are.

There are ten banks that control all 12 Federal Reserve Banks in America:

1. N.M. Rothschild of London
2. Rothschild Bank of Berlin
3. Warburg Bank of Hamburg
4. Warburg Bank of Amsterdam
5. Lehman Brothers of New York (now bankrupt and absorbed by the others)
6. Lazard Brothers of Paris
7. Kuhn Loeb Bank of New York (i.e., the Schiff family)
8. Israel Moses Seif Bank of Italy
9. Goldman Sachs of New York
10. JP Morgan Chase Bank of New York.

The spoils of conquest are self-evident today. But Ezekiel tells us that they will fail in the end. The failure of Togarmah will occur at the same time that Esau is judged for being unworthy to carry the birthright. For this reason, I expect to see the collapse of the Western Banking System occur at about the same time that the Israeli state is destroyed. Both are linked by prophecy to the same coalition of Edom, Togarma, and Judah (evil figs).

When the Israeli state falls, then Jer. 19:11 will be fulfilled, and Jerusalem will never again be rebuilt. This destruction will be the last time the leaf-bearing fig tree is dried up from the roots (Matt. 21:19). The fact that it was fruitless both in Jesus' day and in the latter days when it was again to bring forth "leaves" only (Matt. 24:32) reflects Esau's inability to bring forth the fruits of the Kingdom that God requires of His birthright people.

After all the contenders for the birthright have been given their opportunity, God will then give it to the overcomers. This will be a historic change and a great paradigm shift. You see, these ungodly contenders for the birthright are the ones who rule Mystery Babylon as well. God intends to overthrow the entire Babylonian system.

This is the final part of a series titled "The Prophetic Effects of Ungodly Unity." To view all parts, click the link below.

The Prophetic Effects of Ungodly Unity

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