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The Work of the Watchers--Part 4

Aug 05, 2011

October 16, 1989 was the day that I resigned from the Net of Prayer.

God had joined me to the Net of Prayer on November 12, 1981 without my knowledge. I discovered what He had done over a year later. God had raised up the Net of Prayer to counter the spiritual forces invading America through a breach in the prayer wall at San Francisco. Their first prayer campaign began on Nov. 12, 1981, and because of my inadvertent involvement in that warfare, my life changed.

Their primary prayer theme at the time was to "free God's chosen elect from the Broken Cross System." In other words, it was to set His elect free from a corrupt church system. I must have been one of them, because by the time the prayer campaign had concluded, I was "set free" from my own church.

You can read a fuller account of this in chapter 3 of my book, Hearing God's Voice.

About a year later, I joined the Net of Prayer CONSCIOUSLY after hearing of them on the one-year anniversary of my resignation from the church. The revelation at the time was that, in joining the Net of Prayer, people should commit themselves to five years of intercession and spiritual warfare. My time ended in 1986, but I did not leave, even after receiving multiple witnesses telling me that I was do so.

As a consequence, on Sept. 2, 1986 I entered a cycle of "Cursed Time" for being in a calling that was no longer mine. Of course, at the time I had no idea what Cursed Time was. I first heard of such a time cycle nearly five years later in February of 1991. But because I had been keeping good records in a journal, I was later able to trace my path and learn how Cursed Time applies to individuals, and not merely to nations.

In the case of nations, we are normally dealing with long-term cycles of 414 years, or multiples of 414 years. But with individuals it is (of necessity) a short-term cycle of 414 days (or multiples). It is a time where God brings discipline and correction to bring about repentance. At the end of the Cursed Time cycle, people either receive the consequences of judgment, or else they receive mercy based upon repentance.

If they repent, they enter another 76 days of cleansing and transition that restores them to "Blessed Time" (490).

As for my own example, I spent 3 periods of 414 days under Cursed Time. It was very difficult, and God brought me very low, but during that time, I saw more divine miracles of provision than ever before or ever since. Looking back on it, I can say that God's "curses" are decreed out of a heart of love, and that their purpose is to correct, not to destroy. We need to understand the difference between men's curses and God's curses. Even the "curse of the law" comes out of the mind of God, and we know that God is Love.

The final two years of my disciplinary period were spent in Memphis, TN, where I had found work. Memphis, of course, has a sister city in Memphis, Egypt. The whole theme of Memphis is about Egypt, and it represented "my Egyptian bondage experience." I moved out of Memphis on the day that the third 414-day cycle ended.

Sept. 2, 1986 to Jan. 27, 1990

We moved to Rt. 2, Box 76, Leachville, AR. The address itself showed that we had entered into the transitional time of cleansing that would bring me fully into Blessed Time. Likewise, the town's name was significant. To leach is to cleanse or "to remove by the action of a percolating liquid."

In this case, I was "removed" from Cursed Time and from "Egyptian bondage." The liquid in this case is the cleansing water of the Word and of the Holy Spirit.

But as I said earlier, the end of one's final 414-day cycle is the day of reckoning. A person has either repented or must suffer the consequences of divine judgment. My problem had been that I was responsible to fulfill a calling that was not mine, having remained in the Net of Prayer beyond my mandate. We cannot fulfill callings that do not belong to us, and they will always destroy us in the end if we do not repent.

In my case, God led me to a place where I had little choice but to resign from that calling. The date was Oct. 16, 1989, and it was the day before the San Francisco 7.1 Richter earthquake.

I had joined the Net of Prayer in 1981 to defend the nation from spiritual forces coming in at San Francisco. In 1989 I resigned, and the next day an earthquake hit San Francisco. Some said I was the cause of this quake (for resigning). I do not know for sure, but if there is any truth to it, it is probable that I had been standing there (spiritually) to prevent it from happening, and when I resigned, then it happened. After all, when I first joined in 1981, I became part of the company that fought at San Francisco in the spirit. That did seem to be my particular assignment during my tenure in the Net of Prayer.

However, if I had over-stayed my assignment, then it could be argued that the quake was going to happen anyway, and that by remaining in my station at San Francisco I might have been killed. In spiritual warfare, one has to know when to advance and when to retreat.

At any rate, my resignation resolved the problem from 1986 which had put me into Cursed Time. A few weeks later (Nov. 29, 1989) I was offered a job in Arkansas, and finally on Jan. 27, 1990 I moved the family out of Memphis to Leachville, AR.

A year later, in February 1991, I attended a meeting where Lalo Cadona was speaking about the difference between Blessed Time, Judged Time, and Cursed Time. He told how it would take 76 days to bring us from Cursed Time to Blessed Time. While driving home, I pondered this, because of my address (Box 76). It implied that prior to our move to that address, I had been under Cursed Time. I did the math and suddenly understood what had happened to me and why God had put me into "Egyptian bondage."

Such major revelations occur only rarely in one's life. I have had more than my fair share, but this one began my study of Timing. Shortly after this, God brought me back into full-time ministry, after being out of it since 1981.

As I wrote yesterday, it was 4 years, 3 months, and 1 day from my resignation (Oct. 16, 1989) to the Los Angeles earthquake at 4:31 a.m. on Jan. 17, 1994.

Then 980 days later (2 x 490) brings us to Sept. 23, 1996, the day of the very important Jubilee declaration according to the Hezekiah Factor.

So how do all of these dates tie together? They seem to be linked by the calling that is upon my life. God joined me to the Net of Prayer in 1981 in order to teach me the basics of spiritual warfare and intercession. Then in 1986 I was supposed to leave, because it was prophesied that I had a restoration ministry that I could not accomplish while still in the Net of Prayer.

My calling is to establish foundations and conditions for the outpouring of the Spirit and the fulfillment of the Feast of Tabernacles. Remember the dictionary definition of leach. To leach is to cleanse or "to remove by the action of a percolating liquid." My own life is a revelation-sign of a much bigger act of God. He is removing America (and ultimately the whole world) from its own Egyptian bondage experience through the slow, percolating action of the water of the Word and of the Spirit.

This will eventually culminate in a downpour as the Holy Spirit floods the earth "as the waters cover the sea." For this reason, these events are connected to Sept. 23, 1996, the day of the Jubilee Declaration. That represented the culmination point of that sequence of events. It prophesies of a greater event yet to come.

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The Work of the Watchers

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