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The Work of the Watchers--Part 2

Aug 03, 2011

We were living in Washington state in 1994 when the mid-term elections were held. Some time before the votes were cast, I heard on the radio that the Republicans wanted to "de-Foley-ate" Washington.

In other words, they wanted to defeat Democrat Tom Foley of Spokane, who was actually the Speaker of the House at the time.

When I heard this on the radio, I immediately related this to the sign that we were expecting since 1993. Our Jubilee Prayer Campaign in 1993 had been patterned upon Daniel 4, and we read how the great Babylonian "Tree" was defoliated and chopped down by the Watchers. So we knew that Tom Foley was the sign to watch.

The elections were held on Nov. 8, 1994. Tom Foley lost the election to George Nethercutt, the Republican candidate. On the same day, the Washington state lottery drew #666, a number that is associated with Babylon. It was 666 years from the year that Babylon took all the vessels of the temple to Babylon until the year that the Romans took the vessels of the temple to Rome (597 B.C. to 70 A.D.). This speaks of the ministries of God being put in submission to men and the traditions of men.

When Tom Foley lost the election, Washington was "de-Foley-ated," as the political commentators had inadvertently prophesied. Furthermore, Nethercutt's name means "a lower cut." Actually, the dictionary says that "nether" literally means "down or downward," so we could also translate his name to mean "cut down."

It was obvious to us that the Babylonian tree was being cut down. But we had expected this sign to occur 12 months after Nov. 29, 1993. The elections were held on Nov. 8, 1994, which was a few weeks before the 12 month cycle was complete (Nov. 29, 1994).

Then Congress discussed the revisions and extensions of the GATT free-trade agreement. GATT had originally been formed in 1947 and had gradually increased its power and scope over the decades, establishing free trade. The so-called "Uruguay round" of talks was agreed to on Dec. 15, 1993 and then the US government signed the agreement a year later. Shortly afterward, GATT became known as the World Trade Organization (WTO).

The Uruguay Round, which was completed on December 15, 1993 after seven years of negotiations, resulted in an agreement among 117 countries (including the U.S.) to reduce trade barriers and to create more comprehensive and enforceable world trade rules. The agreement coming out of this round, the Final Act Embodying the Results of the Uruguay Round of Multilateral Trade Negotiations, was signed in April 1994. The Uruguay Round agreement was approved and implemented by the U.S. Congress in December 1994, and went into effect on January 1, 1995.


This GATT agreement was passed by the House of Representatives (with Tom Foley presiding) on Nov. 29, 1994. It then was approved by the Senate on Dec. 1, and was fully implemented on January 1, 1995.

When the House passed the bill on Nov. 29, 1994, Tom Foley gave a speech about what a great work Congress had accomplished, and then he resigned from office. Compare this with Daniel 4:28-33, where King Nebuchadnezzar (the "tree") was bragging of his accomplishments when he was driven off the throne.

Washington was now fully "de-Foley-ated," and "cut down" by George Nethercutt. And it occurred precisely 12 months after the Jubilee Prayer Campaign, where we had lodged a complaint against Mystery Babylon, asking that the "tree" be chopped down and that the Overcomers be given the authority over the earth in the Tabernacles Age to come.

The prophetic implication of this is revealed by its timing. Mystery Babylon today is a globalized commercial empire built upon "free trade." The idea is to break down all national boundaries, all economic barriers (such as tariffs), unify all money into a single currency, unify all religions under the political head of world government, and even to destroy all distinctions of race and color in order to establish uniformity and same-ness.

A big portion of this goal is being accomplished through the WTO, originally known as GATT (since 1947). What they do not realize is that the GATT agreement passed in 1994 ensured the collapse of Babylon itself. It opened up free trade at a time when American workers were enjoying a fairly high standard of living with good salaries. But there were many other willing workers from other countries who had very low standards of living, who were willing to do the same work for only a few dollars a day.

US corporations saw this immediately. Walmart, for example, immediately negotiated a trade agreement with China and began to import most of its goods, whereas Sam Walton had envisioned buying American if at all possible. Once one company offered low-priced imports, all of their competitors had to do the same or face bankruptcy. We now have a $500 billion a year trade deficit with China alone.

China buys our raw materials and natural resources, using these to make finished products to export to America. That is certainly the smart thing to do from their perspective. The problem is that we cannot continue with such trade deficits indefinitely. In fact, it has shifted the center of gravity for the entire global economy from West to East. We then expect China to use their money to buy our bonds, and the result is that we have become the great debtor nation.

This free trade situation destabilized the foundations of Mystery Babylon itself. It happened 12 months after our Jubilee Prayer Campaign, as I said. Then a few years later President Clinton's team of financial experts pushed for the repeal of the Glass-Steagal bill (from 1934). This allowed banks to become real estate speculators beginning in the year 2000, and it spawned massive abuses in the financial industry.

The sub-prime mortgage bubble finally burst in the summer of 2007, a few months after the completion of the 13 years of the Jubilee Prayer Campaign (which ended Oct. 7, 2006). The prayer campaign ended in Babylon, NY with the word "It is done." We then held a conference at the Abraham Lincoln hotel in Reading, PA to talk about how God was about to free the slaves from the control of Mystery Babylon. We knew that an economic collapse was going to begin within the following year (2007).

It was also plain to us that the golden calf of "free trade" was the key to this collapse. With all the jobs being exported overseas to take advantage of cheap labor, the American standard of living could only go down, while the living standard in foreign countries would rise. We would have to meet somewhere in the middle after wages around the world equalized in the middle.

But money is power. When trillions of dollars are transferred from West to East, it represents a massive power transfer from Babylon to the Kings of the East. Hence, the East is becoming stronger, both economically and militarily, because they can afford to invest in such things. America and Europe are collapsing and can no longer afford the high cost of power.

We have just seen the consequences of a shortage of money and mounds of debt. The fight in Congress is a sight to behold. It reminds me of the old joke (now updated) about the invention of copper wire. It seems that a Republican and a Democrat were fighting over a penny.

This is not just another downturn in the economy. This is a collapse of a great empire in slow motion. The tree is falling at the hand of the Watchers.

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The Work of the Watchers

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