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Update on the Fort Calhoun Nuclear Power Plant

Jun 27, 2011

A month ago the Fort Calhoun Nuclear power plant began to experience an emergency situation. There appears to be a blackout on the news of this, along with a no-fly zone over the plant. That, of course, makes me somewhat suspicious that they may be hiding something.

Right now it is evident that the power plant is surrounded by water. If not flooded already, it could be in danger of being flooded quite soon. Have you noticed all the rain upstream from it? Now I received the following report:

The face of Gavins Point Dam [on the border of South Dakota and Nebraska] is cracking under the pressure of the floodwater buildup and could burst soon.

Military men have just completed the setting of charges on 25% of the face of the dam in preparation to blow it if the dam continues to crack. They are afraid the dam is going to give way and in an effort to save most of it, they have set charges to blow it in an attempt to relieve some of the pressure of the floodwaters.

This will spell catastrophic results for EVERYTHING downriver.....including Omaha's riverfront and a good portion of downtown.

As you know, ALL photography is banned at the Ft. Calhoun Nuclear Power Plant and a 3 mile "no-fly" zone has been implemented which is roughly 15 miles due north of my house because it's apparently under water as I write this to you. Last week they are reported to have had a level 4 emergency fire which affected the coolant of the rods but was dealt with quickly and no damage occurred at that time. However, if the dam is blown, the results could be Biblical in proportion...

Gavins Point dam is located at Yankton, SD and was built in the 1950's. See:


Whatever the flood level is today, it is likely to get much worse in the days or weeks ahead. If the Gavins Point dam bursts or is blown up by the engineers, the flood itself may be the least of our problem. We need to watch the Fort Calhoun power plant for a potential nuclear disaster. Can you imagine nuclear material floating down the entire length of the Missouri River and then dumping into the Mississippi at St. Louis and flowing down to New Orleans?

We have just about finished up production on our "Nuclear Pack." I should have the information by the end of this week. I know it will involve two things: (1) a pack of 6 nutrients that will help the body fight off the effects of radioactive materials that we ingest with our food. This does not include potassium iodate, which we have sold separately. (2) a separate bottle of modified citrus pectin, which is somewhat expensive, but has been proven to be very effective in removing radioactive material from our bodies.

I do not yet know the precise cost for this, but I will post the details shortly, along with instructions and a little about how each nutrient works.

Since the Fukushima nuclear disaster in Japan, quite a bit of low-level radioactive material has circulated around the northern hemisphere and is now on our farmland and in the ocean. It is not enough to kill you immediately, and (in most locations) not bad enough to take potassium iodate. Nonetheless, this low-level radiation can have long-term effects in 20-30 years. So whatever we can do to defend ourselves against it is going to have a positive effect upon our overall health.

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Blog Author: Dr. Stephen Jones