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Update on dinar

Jun 07, 2011

I think most of you know by now that in spite of rumors of the revaluation of the Iraqi dinar this past week end, it did not happen. I was hopeful that it might have occurred, but waited in vain for confirmation.

Then when the Central Bank continued to sell dinar this week at the old rate of 1170/dollar, it was positive confirmation that the RV did not happen.


These auctions will always bring the truth to light. It is quite possible that the men behind the scenes have intended to revalue in past days and weeks but were prevented for some reason. We have no control over those intentions, so we have to go by the actual facts on the ground. Don't let your emotions be swayed by so-called "intel" that may or may not reflect secretive intentions to revalue the currency.

Personally, I believe we are currently in a "tarrying" period, and so I do not think the dinar will revalue this week.

Some of you apparently interpreted some writing of mind to indicate that Brother Vinnie is no longer selling dinars. I'm not sure what I said that could have been so misinterpreted, but the fact is, he is still in business for those of you who may want to continue purchases.


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Category: Iraqi Dinar
Blog Author: Dr. Stephen Jones