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Remember John Hinkle's Prophecy?

Jun 09, 2011

On March 14, 1992 John Hinkle received a word that said,

"On Thursday, June 9, I am going to rip the evil out of this world."

When nothing happened on Thursday, June 9, 1994, he was put on the roster of false prophets. Of course, a few people noticed that there was no YEAR in the prophecy. It was merely assumed that this would take place in 1994 when June 9 occurred on a Thursday.

But now we have another Thursday, June 9. So this is a reminder, considering our own revelation for 2011.

Keep in mind also that we do not know the meaning of "rip the evil out of this world." Back in 1994 many thought it would be the Rapture, but that would imply that those being raptured were "evil." Strangely enough, my first book, written in 1975 was called The Rapture of the Wicked showing that the prophecies in Matt. 24:37-39, Prov. 2:22, 23, and Matt. 10:30 all showed that God was going to remove the wicked from the earth--not the righteous. The righteous will "inherit the earth."

(Please do not ask me for copies of the above book, as it is no longer on my list. I have replaced it with a more positive book called, The Rapture in the Light of Tabernacles, which sells for $4.00.)

If Hinkle's prophecy has an application to June 9, 2011, then it seems to be a reference to overcoming the Bilderbergers by taking back the Crown from the present rulers of the world system.

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