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New Madrid Vibes

Jun 01, 2011

Here is an email that I received from a reader today:


We were driving back to Kentucky from Eureka Springs, AR today.  While I was doing research on my ipad, I suddenly started getting hit with "waves" of anxiety.  It almost felt like "waves" of nausea.  I couldn't understand why I was suddenly feeling "anxious" as we had just had a wonderful weekend looking at properties and preparing to relocate to Eureka Springs as soon as the RV occurs.  There was nothing I was thinking of that would have triggered such intense anxiety.  I looked around me and noticed we were crossing the Mississippi at St. Louis.  Two other times this year we crossed in that same area and were impressed to pray and intercede for the people there because of the coming shaking.  This time was different, this time I felt those "waves" before I even realized where we were.  

Later on our trip, I read the New Madrid posting in your weblog.  As I did, [my husband] said he HAD seen an unusual cloud that was like a small cylinder shape going straight up and down.  It puzzled him, because as a pilot, he's seen many different kinds of clouds before.  When I read your posting he mentioned it to me.

Our impressions regarding the flood have been that it's been God's GRACE that flooded the valley.  In anticipation of the New Madrid shaking, we felt that God was moving people out of the way before great devastation would happen.  However, after talking about it, we also wondered if the flooding was there to PREVENT those beams from having their full effect, even reflecting it back to the source?


I'm not sufficiently educated in science to know the answer to this. I'm sure there are many of you who would know the answer.

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