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Iraq's fault lines and prophecy

Jun 28, 2011


This article, dated today, June 28, shows that the possibility of Iraq splitting into three parts is very real.

I have long believed that eventually it would split in three, because Iraq is a modern type of Mystery Babylon. Revelation 16 speaks of Babylon splitting into three parts. The last paragraph of the above article mentions that VP Biden even suggested splitting Iraq back in 2006.

If and when this happens, the dinar will soon be worthless, as there is little doubt that it would be repudiated by all three parts. Money, you see, is a liability, a debt, a mortgage, a futures contract on the nation's natural resources. None of the three would want -- or be able to -- make good on such a large mortgage on its own.

So this is the event to watch in the long-term.

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Category: News Commentary
Blog Author: Dr. Stephen Jones