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Iraq, dinars, and Spiritual Warfare

Jun 26, 2011

I notice today that someone has posted a slightly modified version of my Jan. 8, 2011 web log on the Dinar Daddy site.


(Scroll down to the "Members" section. It is entitled: What is really behind this dinar revaluation?) My only criticism is that they forgot to include my disclaimer at the end:

"The opinions expressed in this weblog are not necessarily the opinions of God or His angelic staff."

Even so, a lot of people must be reading that post and also checking out my web site, because the number of hits on my site are going a little crazy today. I have noticed that a lot of dinarians are also Christians, so chances are good that they have an interest in hearing how Iraq's situation fits into biblical prophecy.

They might even find other topics that would be of interest to those who have been looking for more indepth Bible study as a means to understand what is happening in the world today. What I have to offer is somewhat different from the mainstream and may provide some alternate views that they have not been aware of previously.

Expectations are quite high right now that the dinar will revalue by the end of June. From the standpoint of prophetic patterns, I see the real possibility of June 28 to July 1st as well. However, these patterns are based on prophetic events and revelation from 1989, 1997, and 2001, with June 19 being the key start point and running to the first of July.

But in 1997 we also saw a PART 2 in the sequence of prophetic events, occurring two months later from August 19 - 31, culminating with the death of Princess Diana.

For this reason, in spite of the UN deadline on June 30 for Iraq to complete its government and come out of chapter VII sanctions, I have to consider the possibility that this may somehow be delayed for another two months. I know that the news is good right now and seems certain and definite. However, deadlines in Iraq are little more than possible goals. Political realities are usually stronger than deadlines. And, after all, deadlines are man-made and therefore can also be changed by men.

News reports indicate that Maliki and Allawi and others will meet on Monday once again to discuss the final ministerial positions in government. I hope they succeed, but these men genuinely hate each other and have been at each other's throats for a long time. Fortunately, they are both Shi'ites, so they don't have to contend with the Shia and Sunni division on top of this. So the real question is whether the UN has the power and prestige to force its June 30 deadline on Iraq and overpower the hatred and rivalry of these men, forcing them to come to some sort of agreement.

Then again, The CBI chief, Shabibi, and others seem to have committed themselves to the date of June 28-30. They say that the currency restructuring plan is now complete. But then they speak of having to submit the plan to Parliament. If this requires parliamentary approval, then it would be subject to all the usual problems and delays.

I don't know. I give it an optimistic 40% chance this time around.

Yet looking at it from the standpoint of prophetic revelation, combined with prophetic patterns that repeat every so often on the same dates in other years, I can be a bit more optimistic about June 28 to July 1. In 1989, June 28 saw the completion of the prophetic work to protect the Body of Christ (Corpus Christi) as the "Pearl of Great Price."

In 1997 it took the form of an intercessory trip to Hong Kong and China when the 18 women went there as "tourists" to pray for China from June 19 - July 1. At that time, their intercessory work ended on June 28, 1997 when they returned to Hong Kong. They stuck around for the ceremony on July 1st, where Britain turned Hong Kong back to China's control. The "Pearl of the Orient" was thus swallowed by the red dragon, as portrayed in the fireworks display over the harbor.

These events had a secondary effect two months later, when the Lord sent me back to Corpus Christi for the second time since 1989 to protect the Bride ("Pearl of Great Price"). We left on August 19 and finished the work on August 28, returning home Sept. 1st. At that time, having been denied its primary target, the red dragon took a secondary target when Princess Diana--the alternate "pearl"--was swallowed up August 31st.

She was vulnerable, having looked to Egypt (Dodi Fayad). Dodi's father owns Harrod's Dept. Stores in England, which is a prophetic play on the name Herod. King Herod was half Edomite. Edom means RED. Herod was the political manifestation of the red dragon in his day, who sought to devour the Manchild as soon as He was born (Rev. 12).

The more knowledgeable we are of the Bible's contents, and the more we understand symbolism, and the more we understand the relationship between heaven and earth, spiritual and earthly, the better able we are to see what is going on in the earth today.

A large piece of the prophetic puzzle is resolved when we see how earthly events reflect spiritual conditions and events and how spirits (such as the red dragon in this case) have earthly counterparts. These are parallel worlds in a multi-dimensional reality of God's creation of heaven and earth (Gen. 1:1). Though it is often difficult to correlate the events of a spiritual, timeless realm to the earthly time-bound realm, the more I have walked by the Spirit, the more experience I have obtained.

I have seen how the earth seems to revolve in a circle, passing through a great spiritual battleground. We seem to pass through the same places on the battlefield every year, and as we do, we see how the battle has progressed each year. We are also called to participate in the battle on occasion. Hence, each year, when we come upon the date from previous years, we may be given glimpses of the same battlefield and see similar events take place. That is how events from June 19-28, 1989 can relate directly to June 19-28, 1997 and again from June 19-28, 2011. These events portray the same battlefield, but in a progressive manner reflecting whatever changes have occurred as the result of the ongoing spiritual warfare itself.

Such insights are not generally well known, particularly to Christians. Unfortunately, it seems that those involved in witchcraft and satanism are better schooled in spiritual things than most Christians are. While this has been a problem for sure, it is equally certain that satanists are no match for a few well-trained Christians. The power and authority at our disposal has no equal. It only requires some training in spiritual matters, along with developing the character and mind of Christ to be effective.

At any rate, we are now seeing past patterns emerging from June 19-28 to July 1st. The events in Iraq are a big factor in the spiritual battlefield since the early 1980's when Iran and Iraq were at war. We have been involved in that war actively since 1988 after a two-year time of revelation (1986-1988) that showed us the spiritual roots of this conflict.

So I see the recent development of the dinar revaluation as part of a much bigger prophetic picture--one that I have followed, literally, for decades. To me, it is not so much about money as it is about the overall conflict between Mystery Babylon and the New Jerusalem--the two great rival cities of Bible prophecy.

If you are new to this site and want to learn more, I suggest you read my book (posted online in the "Books" section) entitled, The Wars of the Lord: A history of spiritual warfare in our time. This will give you a brief history of spiritual warfare from 1981-2008.

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