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Iraq close to agreement on final 3 Security positions

Jun 11, 2011

Here is some news from Iraq that could prove to be very significant. See especially the last paragraph. (Sorry for the terrible computer-generated language translation.)

Nujaifi: on the first day of the beginning of the second legislative term of the Parliament

Saturday June 11, 2011

BAGHDAD – The Feed – The head of the House of Representatives Osama Najafi said on Sunday will be the first day of the beginning of the second legislative term of the Council of Representatives.”

Najafi said at a news conference attended by the correspondent agency Naba public opinion (and babysit): “This section will discuss the laws that I read the first reading and will be read a second reading and vote.”

Noting that “the political blocs have agreed on the names of the security ministries will be put these names on the members of parliament to be voted upon and resolve this matter.”

If the translation is correct, this could be very significant. It says that the disputing political parties have finally agreed on who to name to those final 3 security cabinet positions that have to be filled in order to form a complete government.

This may resolve the final holdup toward ending the final UN sanctions. Most of the parliamentary members will vote according to their party agreements, so if the parties have finally come to agreement, this could sail through very quickly.

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