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God's Plan for America--Part 7

Jun 23, 2011

In Part 6, I showed how Israel and Judah split over the issue of high taxes without representation (1 Kings 12:10). This was the same issue that arose in 1776 when America (representing Israel) split from the throne of David (King George).

Americans have often said that the success of the American Revolution was due to the correctness of our position, and that God blessed us with victory because we were the ones in the right. Yet if we look at the biblical precedent, we see that Israel's success in repudiating the throne of David was NOT because of their own righteousness or correctness, but because God was using them to judge Solomon. 1 Kings 11 says,

(9) Now the Lord was angry with Solomon because his heart was turned away from the Lord, the God of Israel, who had appeared to him twice. . . (11) So the Lord said to Solomon, "Because you have done this, and you have not kept My covenant and My statutes, which I have commanded you, I will surely tear the kingdom from you, and will give it to your servant."

If we apply this to the time of the Revolution, it tells us that God was judging King George even as He had judged the son of Solomon in biblical days. Israel proved itself to be unrighteous when they built the golden calves in Bethel and in Dan (1 Kings 12:29), which was the ultimate cause of Israel's downfall, captivity, and dispersion. America, too, built its own golden calves.

The "time of Jacob's distress" involved cycles of 210 years. Beginning in 745 B.C., when the first of the tribes began to be deported to Assyria, we find that 12 cycles of 210 years brought us to the year 1776. This was when God addressed the problem once again by judging a descendant of Solomon in the person of King George. Yet even with the split, God intended to do more than just repeat a bad situation. His intent, I believe, is to resolve the great prophetic breach.

Ultimately, I believe that the British and American nations will reunite under one Head, Jesus Christ, along with many other nations. But this will only be an earthly manifestation or sign of the  repair of a greater breach--between the Scepter and the Birthright.

The 12 cycles of 210 years, as I said, ended in 1776, followed by a 13th cycle that ended in 1986. If we look at the historic parallel once again, we see that the House of Israel remained separate from Judah for exactly 210 years (931-721 B.C.) before the fall of Samaria. The year that Samaria fell was also the 14th Jubilee from Israel's Jordan crossing under Joshua. No one had kept a Jubilee, of course, so God declared a Jubilee and set the land free from the Israelites who were abusing it and using it for idolatrous purposes.

Here is where the Hezekiah Factor comes into play. Eight years after the fall of Samaria, the Assyrians came to lay siege to Jerusalem. They failed, of course, because Hezekiah appealed to God in 2 Kings 19. Isaiah gave the king a Jubilee sign that was to be fulfilled two years later, showing that God was declaring a Jubilee ten years late. He was able to do so by manipulating Time--turning the clock backward "ten degrees" (2 Kings 20:11).

The point is that the 210-year cycle was extended by ten years (931 - 721 = 210; plus 10 years to 711 B.C.).

So also, from 1776 - 1986 was 210 years, ending on the 120th Jubilee from Adam, to which we added 10 more years by the Hezekiah Factor (1996). We were led to declare the Jubilee in 1996 ten years late, because the Church under Saul had failed to do so in 1986 at the appointed time.

The confusing thing, however, is that we have not one but TWO beginning points with which to work. If we start counting in 745 B.C., we come to 1776 and 1986. But the more important beginning point was in 721 B.C. when Samaria fell. When we add 12 x 210 years from that date, we come to 1800, and the 13th cycle of 210 brings us to 2010.

The question is this: Must we wait another ten years to 2020 before we see the second Hezekiah Factor fulfilled? Only time will tell, but it certainly would seem to be the case. Meanwhile, the ten years from 2010-2020 are probably God's preparation time to ensure that the great breach is fully repaired in 2020.

It seems to me that this involves the commission of the Effective Apostleship that is needed to prepare the way. The Elijah phase of "preparing the way" did end on July 9-16, 2010, as we have shown previously. We are now awaiting the Elisha double-portion-apostolic commission to be able to repair this breach.

Hence, if this should be our long-term view, then we ought to see the 9th sign of Elisha fulfilled sooner rather than later, because that double-portion ministry could have a deadline of 2020.

To put it another way, the Elijah ministry brought us as far as 2010, but only the Elisha ministry can take us to 2020 and complete what was begun under Elijah.

The Kingdom work that lies ahead will have a tremendous impact upon world history. It will tear down nations and build up nations (Jer. 1:10). The old order will be torn down; the new order of the Kingdom will be built up. We are not waiting to escape to heaven and let the earth be destroyed. We are working to reclaim the earth for its rightful Inheritor, Jesus Christ, who, as the Word, created it and owns it (John 1:1).

Our Pilgrim forefathers envisioned America as the fulfillment of the Stone Kingdom of Daniel 2. They sought to establish it as the Kingdom of God. Because they were still in the time of Saul's reign, they were unsuccessful, and the America that they envisioned was seriously compromised by other interests. God brought judgment upon us and put us into captivity to the Federal Reserve the Treasury Department, and its financial arm, the Exchange Stabilization Fund. This huge fund is not subject to congressional oversight. It was responsible for stabilizing the value of the US dollar, yet the dollar has steadily dropped in value ever since its establishment in 1934.


I have no doubt that this is the fund that owns 3.5 trillion Iraqi dinars, and that when the dinar revalues, the national debt will not be reduced at all. The owners and managers of this fund will use the money to increase their power and control, even as they did in 1933 when they took the profits from the confiscated gold after it was revalued. They did this legally by foreclosing on the US government itself. Essentially this privatized the government, and most of the people did not realize that they had just been sold as slave-assets to private banking interests.

I believe that we are now coming toward the end of that captivity. Because it is Babylonian by nature, it is a 70-year captivity in prophecy (1933-2003). The overthrow of Saddam Hussein in Iraq in 2003 marked the beginning of the end of this captivity. While the world rulers have their own plan for control, they do not understand that God has allowed them to rule only because He was judging us for our refusal to obey His laws.

That time is now coming to an end, and God is raising up Effective Apostles to tear down and to replant nations. Iraq is a type of Babylon in the political and financial realm, so it is a major key in our understanding of prophecy. The world rulers intend to use Iraq and its currency to bring Babylonian control to a new level. They do not understand that the very overthrow of Iraq spiritually established the overthrow of their own Mystery Babylon after 70 years.

Our time is nearly here. Some are preparing to leave the earth. Most do not prepare for anything. The Overcomers are preparing to overcome.

This is the seventh part of a series titled "God's Plan for America." To view all parts, click the link below.

God's Plan for America

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