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Getting Recalibrated

Jun 20, 2011

Last December, the UN released Iraq from most of the sanctions imposed back in 1990 when Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait. They left a few in place, giving Iraq until June 30 to complete its government, settle things with Kuwait, and so on. In other words, the UN contemplated the end of sanctions by June 30.

I realize that deadlines are made to be broken, especially in Iraq, but this month of June has been very important to Iraqis in regaining their national sovereignty. The three remaining government positions are going to be worked on this week. They had scheduled meetings between Maliki and Allawi last week end, but these ended with Allawi insulting Maliki, and Maliki filing a lawsuit against him (cancelled later). Parliament had its usual brawl, with the necessary shoe-throwing for emphasis.

Maliki and Allawi have again agreed to meet today to discuss appointing the three ministerial positions. Except that Allawi then sent a letter saying that for medical reasons, he could not attend. But at least he would send a representative to the meeting. That may be a good sign, since the two really despise each other and ought to see each other only from separate cages.

I'm sure glad our own congress conducts itself with dignified childishness. In Britain, they "boo" each other, and in Washington they limit their statements to "You lie!" It has been many years since any Congressman was killed on the floor of Congress and even longer since one was nearly "caned" to death.

Anyway, there was no dinar revaluation yesterday. And today the Central Bank sold dinar on the open market at the same price of 1170 dinar per dollar.

Apparently, the Marriage Proposal of June 19, 2001 was not directly connected to the revaluation, but limited to the general progression of Kingdom work. I do not yet understand how the Dowry fits into this. I have no doubt that it will be given, but I am not sure how, when, or from what direction it will come. Technically, we are still in "the third month" which began the evening of June 2nd and should continue until about the first of July. So the story of Hezekiah's Second Passover and the finances seen in the third month still remains to be seen.

Our trip to the Apostle Islands suggests the next step. When I wrote about this on Saturday, a friend came to the office to tell me that he and his wife were also planning a trip to the Apostle Islands. They went there Sunday and will be taking the cruise today. That is an interesting double witness.

The idea of "Effective Apostleship" suggests that the apostleship of the past has been limited in its ability and/or success in accomplishing the purposes of the calling. It appears to me that after ten years of preparation, God is now moving in us to finish the work--with or without the dinar revaluation, or perhaps God knows that it will shortly be revalued.

In the end, God will accomplish His work by the power of the Holy Spirit. Empowered in that manner, one does not really monetary resources to do the work. When Jesus needed some extra cash, there were always special banker-fish carrying gold coins for him. Even so, Jesus did use money as did the disciples in the book of Acts. The thing to remember is that we ought not to put our faith and trust in money or in our own strength to accomplish the work ahead. If we keep our priorities straight, then we will be able to utilize money without worshiping it.

We have already learned a lot of patience, having been in this work for decades. Our mortality causes us to think more short-term than God thinks. He has all the time in the world, so He is in no hurry. When I think back on the 12 years of training that He gave me from 1981-1993, followed by another 13 years of spiritual warfare from 1993-2006, I have had to learn a lot of patience. Our perception that things always take longer than they should only means that we do not know the full plan and mind of God yet.

After the conclusion of the warfare in October 2006, the Elijah-Elisha pattern emerged unexpectedly. It took 2-1/2 years of development before the Elisha patterns were ready to unfold, and this has now gone on for over 2 years (2009-2011). We are now in the middle of these patterns, having completed the first eight signs, but yet awaiting the start of the final eight.

When will these begin? At this point, I do not know for sure. It seems like it must begin "in the third month" (June), but watching patterns and parallels is not the same as a direct Word from the Lord. These things are interpretive and depend upon our understanding, rather than upon direct revelation.

So I can only tell you to be watchful and patient. God will be God, and He will do what He will do at the time that He has appointed since the beginning of time.

Oh, yes, by the way, in regard to the Hodges letter posted yesterday, people have reported that President Obama did sign the documents "under duress." I have no way of verifying this, of course, but if he had not signed it, those same sources would now be screaming and insulting him further. So I suspect that the reports are true.

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