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Emerging Patterns from 1989 and 1997

Jun 24, 2011

It appears that Iraq is finally ready to make the necessary changes in its currency by the end of June. Alsumaria News from Baghdad wrote on June 23,

Salih stressed that the "project to delete the zeros has been completed and will be presented to the management of the Central Bank of Iraq during the next meeting, and then will be submitted to the Council of Ministers to be presented to the House of Representatives for a vote, pointing out that "the mechanisms of switching and changing the currency would gradually be preceded by awareness campaigns to citizens."

The Iraq Central Bank Governor Sinan Shabibi said at a meeting of independent bodies with Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, which took place in the 19 of June, and ready to create all the supplies to replace the Iraqi currency.

When they revalue the currency, they will be removing all currencies from circulation which have "three zeros" and replace them with smaller denominations for daily use on the street. Notice that the final decision appears to have taken place on June 19, which was our watch date.

Other reports indicate that eventually Iraq will only circulate currency up to 100 dinar notes. The articles from Iraq state that the plan is to complete this within 7-10 days. I am not sure of the precise starting date, but it is likely that they intend to do this by the end of June in order to start a new fiscal year July 1st.

I finally had an opportunity to go back to my 1989 and 1997 records and refresh my memory on the revelation and dates of the past. On June 10, 1989 the Lord told me that I had to go to Corpus Christi to speak a word against a hurricane in the Gulf. Of course, there was no hurricane in sight at that time.

The trip properly began on June 19, though I did not start heading toward Corpus Christi until June 25. There was some preparation work to be done in the four corners area in NW Arkansas. At any rate, I could not go until PROVISION had been made, as I did not have the money to make such a long trip. On June 12, 1989 I had received this word:

"I will provide in My own time and way. You will know by My PROVISION when to go and how far to go. . . I alone will do it and will provide for My work. . . All things shall be provided as you walk in My plan as I have laid out for you."

I told no one of this word, of course, as that might have influenced someone to try to make it happen by the power of flesh. The provision arrived on June 23 when a check arrived in the mail for $1000. That was a lot of money back in 1989. The timing of the provision indicated "when to go and how far to go."

Before arriving in Corpus Christi, TX, I received a Word from the Lord indicating a second trip to Corpus Christi in which the Bride would be crowned. That second trip took place eight years later in 1997, as I will relate shortly. Meanwhile, however, the day before arriving in Corpus Christi, I learned that Tropical Storm Allison had formed in the Gulf of Mexico (June 24).

I arrived in Corpus Christi on June 27 and completed the work on June 28. Allison was diverted from Corpus Christi ("Body of Christ"). Interestingly enough, on June 14 I had received revelation about a type of "Elijah Showdown" that was to be seen on June 27. So this Corpus Christi work had some connection to the Elijah ministry, perhaps in the enormous amount of rain that hit Texas from this storm.


Eight years later Michele made a trip to China, leaving here on June 19, 1997. She was part of a group of 18 intercessors who sang wherever they went. They arrived in Hong Kong June 21 and then crossed the border for the tour. They arrived back in Hong Kong on June 28 and remained there for a few days in order to witness the transfer of Hong Kong from British rule back to China on July 1.

Their intercessory work on behalf of China was completed June 28, as I said. This was also the day of the boxing match between Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield. Tyson lost by disqualification after biting Holyfield's ear twice. Tyson had a tattoo of Mao Zedong on his shoulder. "Holy-field" suggests the Kingdom of God, because "the field is the world" (Matt. 13:38). Holyfield came to the ring playing the music of "David Danced Before the Lord." News reports said, "Surrounded by Christian praise music, he made it his aim to enter the ring with the presence of God."

So it seems clear that in both 1989 and again in 1997, the date of June 28 stands out as being the completion of the work. So we will definitely have to watch June 28 this year as well.

The trip to Corpus Christi and to China also suggests a greater travel work yet to come. Once again, it is clear from the revelation of June 12, 1989 that "You will know by My provision when to go and how far to go." In 1989 the trip was only to Corpus Christi, TX (from Arkansas). In 1997 the trip was to China and back, which was farther. We are now in 2011 and are preparing for a world-wide ministry.

In 1989 when I was sent to Corpus Christi, I was given instructions and revelation about what and how to pray for the Bride of Christ:

Pray that My bride be fully fertile in her soul, perfect in submission unto Me, and that she would turn to Me and seek My face with her whole heart, actively seeking Me. Only in this way shall I send revival upon her spirit and baptize her soul with power from on high, and break forth from her earthen body in light and great manifestation of power.

"For My revival shall not come, except My bride sees [or seize?] Me and come to Me in full trust and love. . ."

In other words, this has to do with preparing for the great world-wide outpouring of the Spirit prophesied in Isaiah 32:15. When we take note that God promised to provide in His own time and way, the present promise of provision takes on new significance. What we did years ago was just a microcosm of what is now upon us. The small trips of the past were only to prepare us for the greater work which, I believe, is soon coming.

And the news reports from Iraq this week are recalling the revelation from past years on these same dates. This is encouraging. However, we must also keep in mind that in 1997 the second trip to Corpus Christi did not occur until August 19, two months after Michele's China trip. By the old revelation, "July is like September," it implies also that June is like August. Hence, the events of June 19-28 were repeated from August 19-28, when we left Minnesota on August 19, drove to Corpus Christ, "crowned the Bride," and then completed the work on August 28 near Charlotte, NC.

We had to complete that work of "protecting the bride" before the end of the month. We knew then that an alternate target would be taken, a pearl eaten by the red dragon, either August 31 or September 1. As it turned out, Princess Diana was that alternate target, and she died in the early morning hours of August 31, 1997.

So we will also need to watch August 19-31 after watching what happens June 19 to July 1.

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