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Battle of Manassas and the Peace Jubilee

Jun 01, 2011

Another Watch Date: July 21, 2011.


The war began in earnest near Manassas, Virginia, on July 21, 1861, in a battle whose two names still betray divisions between North and South: After all this time, it’s called Bull Run in the North, First Manassas in the South. The Union forces lost, but a far more meaningful event took place here a half-century later, on July 21, 1911, when veterans of the battle met to shake hands in the Peace Jubilee. That’s what community leaders in Manassas’ Prince William County have chosen to re-enact this summer: On July 21, Manassas will re-create the 1911 Jubilee, and celebrate peace and reconciliation.

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Blog Author: Dr. Stephen Jones