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A short but important interview with Lindsey Williams

Jun 23, 2011

Here is a short but important interview with Pastor Lindsey Williams that I recommend.


In summary, he tells how the "Arab Spring" (recent uprising in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Syria, etc.) was revealed to him two years ago as part of the New World Order plan to disrupt the flow of oil and to collapse the dollar. He says that the last to fall will be Saudi Arabia.

The purpose of this, he says, is to cause the US to default on its $14 Trillion debt. The currency will collapse in value, and only those owning something of real value (gold, silver, etc.) will have anything of value. The people will then beg the IMF and World Bank to give us a new world currency, backed by gold and silver and perhaps some other metals. And all those who have pushed for such gold-backed currency will be in favor of it.

It's all about control and power.

In my view, Williams is telling the truth, and that the information he was given is real. This is why we ought to prepare now. Don't be taken by surprise. And above all, don't do anything by fear, but only by faith.

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Blog Author: Dr. Stephen Jones