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A Delay in sending out the Apostles

Jun 22, 2011

We got back this afternoon from our little vacation trip to the Apostle Islands. It is now plain that the Lord sent us there to get some revelation.

The Apostle Islands had gale-force winds with a lot of rain, so the tour was cancelled both Tuesday and Wednesday. We did have opportunity to go to the largest and closest of the islands (Madeline Island) for a few hours before they shut down even that short ferry after 2 p.m.

In inquiring about the meaning of this, the Lord said, "The starting time of the Effective Apostleship has been delayed." I asked if he meant this was "postponed," but he said "No, it has been delayed due to opposition."

I am not sure what that means, or where the opposition is coming from. I asked if there was something we should do about it, such as spiritual warfare. He said, "The angels of the overcomers are already engaged in spiritual warfare in regard to this matter. There is nothing more to do" (at least for now).

I had thought that we might be able to keep the provision distinct from this new apostolic commission, but that apparently cannot be done. In being sent to the Apostle Islands, I had assumed that this apostolic commissioning could be done regardless of the delay in the expected provision. But then the Lord cancelled the tour of the Apostle Islands, making it quite clear VISUALLY that this has been delayed.

On the personal side had a good little vacation. The bonus was that the Lord used it once again as an occasion of revelation.

As for how long this delay is, there are too many possibilities to narrow it down. It could go from a few days to a few years, if we try to look objectively at it. In the past, we have often seen 10-day delays. This was commonplace back in the 1980's, and I later saw it as a short version of the Hezekiah Factor. If we are to apply this to the present situation, this would bring us to June 29 to July 1.

Certainly, we will be pondering past revelation and precedents that have occurred during that time frame in years past. I will have to ponder the year 1989 especially, since a certain trip started on June 19 involving Hurricane Allison and the "dragon" that was overcome about June 28-29 that threatened Corpus Christi. You may want to refresh your memory by reading the appropriate chapter in The Wars of the Lord.

I have learned over the years that events in one year can be overlaid upon another year almost as if they were the same time frame and involving the same spiritual battle. It is possible that the warfare in 1989 may give us clues to the present "opposition" in 2011. I will also have to take a new look at June 19-29, 1997 and on to July 1st, because the year 1997 built upon the events of 1989--almost as if they were the same year.

You may want to refresh your memory in that chapter as well in The Wars of the Lord. The chapters include the year of the event, so you should have no trouble finding these chapters in the book. The whole book is published online for those of you who do not have a hard copy.

Meanwhile, we will be praying for further revelation about these things. Keep us in prayer that God will reveal all that we need to know.

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