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Headwaters Trip Report

Jul 13, 2010

The trip to the headwaters of the Mississippi River went about as planned. We did get there a little late, as it always takes longer when dealing with a whole group of people. There were 19 who showed up, and we rented a bus.

It was a beautiful day, and many people were there, some swimming in the river or walking across the rocks between Lake Itasca and the start of the river.

I threw some barley into the river and then remembered to look at my watch. It was 2:16 p.m. Ron has often spoken of the number 216 in connection with Joshua and Jericho and the moon. Perhaps some time the reason for this particular time was important.

We then gathered and I spoke a brief word of healing and cleansing to accompany the barley on its journey to the Gulf. The signs posted there said that it would take 90 days for the water to reach the Gulf of Mexico. I do not know if this is prophetically significant or not. Certainly, it does not take that long for the Word of the Lord, but we should watch this anyway.

July 9 plus 90 days = October 7.

I think, however, that September 9 is the primary date to watch. It is when we are to take the Prince of Persia captive once again.

Recall that on August 2/3, 1988 we first took the Prince of Persia captive, which delayed the start of the First Gulf War for two full years. We were forced to release the Prince of Persia a year later on August 2/3, 1989, and the following year, on August 2/3, 1990 Iraq invaded Kuwait, triggering the Gulf War.

We are now dealing with the second war, seen in my 1986 vision as the second "bear" who was called to "devour much flesh" (Dan. 7:5). This second "bear" was released on Sept. 11, 2001. His job is to destroy Jerusalem. God will not stop him until he has accomplished this, because this is how God intends to "cast out the bondwoman and her son" (Gal. 4:30).

So the fact that we have now been allowed to begin coming against the Prince of Persia tells me that his mission is nearly concluded. That is why July 9 and September 9 is so important. The actual captivation of this second "bear" on Sept. 9 reveals a very important piece of timing. Years ago I had an insight (a "Word" I believe) that Jerusalem would be destroyed on Rosh Hoshana of some year. I think that taking the Prince of Persia captive on Rosh Hoshana this year bears witness to this insight.

More than that, with the large armada of warships now in the Persian Gulf, and planes and troops building up on the US base in Azerbaijan just north of Iran, it certainly seems likely that the war could break out this year.

Once again we have had a two-year "delay" since 2008. Recall that the Russia-Georgia conflict, which broke out on 8-8-8 (August 8, 2008) resulted in Russia's bombing of the Georgian airbase from which the US and Israel intended to attack Iran. It was clear that the war had to be postponed. Now they have regrouped in Azerbaijan, and with the armada of ships again sent to the Persian Gulf, it appears that the plan is to attack Iran shortly.

The oil problem in the Gulf of Mexico is a sign of things about to happen in the Persian Gulf. It is a sign that the Prince of Persia is affecting America directly, because America is standing in the way of the Divine Plan to cast out the bondwoman. One cannot stand in the way of something God has vowed to do without getting hurt.

Nonetheless, the time has come for us to say "enough is enough." This is a war in the heavens between the Holy Spirit and the counterfeit "holy" spirit, between the olive oil and the crude oil, between the River of the Holy Spirit and the poison in the Gulf. God's intent is to pour out His Spirit upon all flesh, and we have understood this for many years to be the time when the Gospel of the Kingdom would go out in an unprecedented way.

In fact, we expected this to occur in September of 2008 with my trip to South Africa, but then things settled down again. It appears that we had a two-year delay for this "Open Door Ministry," even as the war itself was delayed during the same time frame. Everything was delayed, both good and bad.

I am seeing indications, however, that all of this is on the verge of reversing. The war and the Open Door Ministry appear to be tied together, as God raises up His work in the midst of the storm. As trying times come, God increases His grace and power of the Spirit in order to allow us to cope with the new challenges.

The only real important issue is to be on the right side of the conflict. Most Christians have not done their homework well enough to know the Divine Plan in this. So they have put themselves into a precarious position and are liable to be hurt in varying degrees. But you are the children of the light and can trust in God's protection.

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