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Jubilee Event in Oklahoma

Jun 22, 2010

If any of you are in Oklahoma, you might be interested in a Jubilee event scheduled for July 4th. I will not be able to attend this, because I have other appointments, but (United States Senate candidate) Lewis Kelly Spring did send me an invitation to be a speaker there. He wrote:

This letter is an invitation to join me in calling for a Jubilee in America. I plan on proclaiming Jubilee for America on July 4th, in Tulsa Oklahoma. Please consider joining me there in a proclimation of our faith, first and foremost in God, and then, in the Constitution of the United States.

I feel led to ask you to speak with me on that occassion. I also would like you to speak for five minutes on, what America means to me, on the 2nd of July, at the Muskogee Tea Party.

Lewis Kelly Spring's political philosophy is:

"Ignore the Tenth Amendment, and you will loose your liberty fighting over the first nine.

"All rights not specifically given to the Federal Government are reserved solely by the Sovereign States, and for the people of those states. That is the clear message of the Tenth Amendment to the Constitution of the United States.

"The truth is simple, it is the lie that gets complicated. The liars who think they control us want to keep us divided, and busy until it is too late. Wake up!"

Lewis is a good man. I wish him success. Here is his web site:


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