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The Birth Certificate Issue that won't go away

Oct 28, 2009

It appears that The Associated Press has known since 2004 that Barack Obama was born in Kenya. They announced it back then, before they knew that he would be running for president. I guess they didn't yet know that this was supposed to be kept a secret.


Now a California judge has decided to hear the case, even though government lawyers argued for its dismissal.


As I wrote on 11/15/08 nearly a year ago, this issue of Obama's birthplace is not going to go away. He claimed to have a valid birth certificate from Hawaii in his book, so the longer he stalls in producing it, the more suspicious it looks. I can't figure out why anyone would be so ashamed of his birth certificate that he would rather spend millions of dollars on lawyer fees than to simply produce it for all to see.

Is this really a million-dollar secret? I'd be happy to shed my privacy concerns and show anyone my birth certificate for the low low price of a mere $1000.

Here's another article that mentions Obama's birth in Kenya, written last February shortly after he took office:


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Blog Author: Dr. Stephen Jones