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Possible Fulfillment of Widow's Son

Oct 24, 2009

We have been watching the life of Elisha since last April as it unfolds before our eyes. We are now watching for the next step--raising the widow woman's son (2 Kings 4:18-37). The most pertinent question who represents the "son" today?

In my view, there is an observable positive and a negative side to most of these prophecies. This is most clearly seen in the prophecies of Old and New Jerusalem. The prophecies regarding the Old Jerusalem are full of destruction, while those of the New Jerusalem are full of blessing. In the New Testament we find that the flesh (old man) must die, while the spiritual man in us is given life. These are general prophetic patterns that we see everywhere--including the one about the widow's son.

In Isaiah 53 we read the prophecy of the death of the Messiah, and this is followed up in 54:4 with the promise, "the reproach of your WIDOWHOOD you will remember no more. For your Maker is your Husband." In other words, Israel became a widow when the Messiah was crucified, and this is the legal basis for her lawful remarriage with Him. Israel was divorced from God (Jer. 3:8), and this prevented her from remarrying Him under normal circumstances.

However, when Yahweh came to earth in the form of the Messiah--and then died on the cross and was raised again as a New Creature--the Law recognized Him as a new Man. Hence, the law against remarrying a previous wife (Deut. 24:1-4) no longer applied to Him. The only obstacle to this remarriage is that the house of Israel was (and still is) in idolatry.

The widow is Israel, and her son is modern Israel (not the Israeli state, which is the counterfeit). We often see prophecies of "the daughter of Jerusalem" and the "daughter of Zion" that speak of future generations.

It was revealed in 1985 that God was separating the barley company from the wheat company in order to allow a new corporate body to emerge that would actually receive the promises of God. This new act of God shows how there are two Israels. The first is genealogical Israel, which has always maintained a form of hypocritical religion that gives lip service to God but (like Israel under Moses) refuses to enter the Promised Land. That is, they refuse to go beyond Passover and Pentecost into the experience of the feast of Tabernacles.

The second group is the overcoming group, like Caleb and Joshua, who receive the promises of God.

Today, we see the lost sheep of the house of Israel being fulfilled in the Caucasian nations on a genealogical level, and they have the same problem as they always had. Hence, they will not inherit immortality ("life") in The Age to come, but must await the general resurrection later. On the other hand, the overcomers will rule and reign with Christ in The Age, for they will be given "eternal life," better translated as Life in The Age.

So when we interpret the story of the widow's son in 2 Kings 4, let us keep in mind that there are always two things going on at the same time, and the fulfillment is different for each group.

It appears that America and Europe are getting ready for world government by means of a Treaty that is scheduled to be signed in Copenhagen in December 2009.


These are the plans, but plans do not always work out as planned. There is a lot of disagreement, and some are saying that the best they can do is to come to some sort of political agreement in December. So it is possible that they will not actually sign a Treaty in December.


If and when they sign such a Treaty, it would be the death of genealogical Israel as they play out their physical role as the widow's son. Nations die when greater nations conquer them and become sovereign over them. This Treaty would have the effect of establishing a "world government" over America and other nations. But keep in mind that the Israel nations are in idolatry and have rejected Jesus Christ as their King. That is why we are in such a mess today, and it is the reason why God raised Babylon from the dead to judge us via the Federal Reserve System. To me, this is just the next step in the Babylonian captivity, as God turns up the heat until the people repent of their rejection of Christ, His Law, His Sovereignty, and His Kingdom.

The good news is that God has separated the overcomers into a new body, making them legally distinct from both the church and the earthly nation. Hence, He is legally able to bless us, even while He brings judgment upon the disobedient and rebellious ones.

So the overcomers are the positive side of the widow's son that is slated for "resurrection." The overcomer Israelites are receiving the blessings that were first offered to the genealogical Israelites. These overcomer Israelites transcend mere genealogy. It does NOT mean that being a genealogical Israelite has lost all prophetic significance, but it does mean that being an Israelite (as God intended) requires more than Israelitish DNA. It requires following the example of Caleb and Joshua.

Remember that Jacob was not born an Israelite. He obtained that title when he was 98 years old so that he would be a testimony of the sovereignty of God. Israel means "God rules." Most genealogical Israelites today do not deserve that title. Many from other ethnic groups are overcomers and have attained to the legal status of Israel. Ancient Israel was stripped of this name, and no one will get it back without going through the same process that Jacob went through. This is true for all men, regardless of their genealogy.

So with that background, I suggest that in December we could see both the positive and the negative side of raising the widow's son from the dead.

Just be sure you fulfill the right "son."

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